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Consellería de Pesca e Asuntos Marítimos ::.

Sector, medio, mar, especies, caladoiros

Xornal Noticias Marítimas

Noticias del mar y la pesca. Noticias del sector marítimo, pesca, litoral, lonjas, entrevistas, reportajes en Xornal Galicia

Ecopath with Ecosim - Ecosystem Modeling and Management / Simulation

Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE) is a free ecological/ecosystem modeling software suite. EwE has three main components: Ecopath – a static, mass-balanced snapshot of the system; Ecosim – a time dynamic simulation module for policy exploration; and Ecospace – a spatial and temporal dynamic module primarily designed for exploring impact and placement of protected areas. The Ecopath software package can be used to * Address ecological questions; * Evaluate ecosystem effects of fishing; * Explore management policy options; * Analyze impact and placement of marine protected areas; * Predict movement and accumulation of contaminants and tracers (Ecotracer); * Model effect of environmental changes.


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