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17 February 2005 17:15

Web Authoring System Haskell (WASH)

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WASH is a family of embedded domain specific languages (EDSL) for programming Web applications.

The Haskell Home Page

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Haskell is a general purpose, purely functional programming language. Haskell compilers are freely available for almost any computer.

Maloka | Distro indépendante

Here's the Maloka website, an anarcho-punk collective from Dijon created in 1989. We've been trying to support a political punk scene (and all that goes with it) for a few years, by being implyed in various struggles, among which music !

17 February 2005 17:00

Le Trésor de la Langue Française Informatisé

by 20 others
Dictonnaire français en ligne (mais avec une interface vraiment nulle)


Paris-SansFil est un groupe de personnes qui œuvrent pour le développement des réseaux sans fils à Paris. Son but est d'en promouvoir un usage libre, gratuit et communautaire.


by 7 others
OpenWrt is a linux distribution for the Linksys WRT54G.


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Paste source code snippet. Useful for IRC help session.

17 February 2005 16:45

Google Scholar

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Search among academical papers

OpenVPN - An Open Source SSL VPN Solution

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OpenVPN is a full-featured SSL VPN solution which can accomodate a wide range of configurations.

Google Help : Cheat Sheet

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google operators explained, quite helpful, others would write a book about it.

a n a r g e e k . n e t

m a n i f e s t e · d ' u n · a n a r g e e k

17 February 2005 16:30

Infiltration: Abandoned Sites FAQ

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Abandoned buildings are very popular sites for infiltration -- it seems silly to allow buildings so wonderful to simply sit empty.

- tOfz dot org - multiple urban photos

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Here you can see a growing collection of everything that pleases my eyes along my everyday urban life.

17 February 2005 16:15

debconf5 | See you in hel

DebConf is the annual Debian developers meeting, a event based around talks, demos, coding parties and discussions. The 6th annual Debian Conference will be held in Helsinki, Finland from July 10th to July 17th.

Fosdem 2005

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The fifth Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting is a 2 days event, organized by volunteers, to promote the widespread use of Free and Open Source software.

Kiza's Spot: Snownews

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Text mode RSS newsreader for Linux and Unix.

g r e p | g r r l

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#grep|grrl is an IRC channel that wants to be a space of mutual exchange and open discussions on computers, free software and linux. it is not a girl-exclusive channel, although it is made by girls for girls.

17 February 2005 16:00

HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux

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This article explains some of the difficulties and biases women face in the Linux community and examines various strategies for addressing those difficulties in order to encourage more participation by women.

Why Are There So Few Female Computer Scientists

This is MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Technical Report 1315 published in 1991. "A theme of the report is that women's underrepresentation is not primarily due to direct discrimination but to subconscious behavior that tends to perpetuate the status quo."

17 February 2005 15:45

Planet Debian

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Blogs of Debian Developpers


Disco, Synth, Punk & Riot !

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