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November 2007

Making Link Bait and Viral Marketing Work - Part Six - Search Engine Guide Blog

Two of the most popular buzz words in the online marketing realm right now are link baiting and viral marketing. These two tactics are a great way to build links and to build branding when constrained by small marketing budgets, but there are several...

October 2007

Ask Googlebot to Crawl New and Modified Pages on Your Web Site

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Ask Googlebot to Crawl New and Modified Pages on Your Web Site

Virtual Hosting Blog » Webmaster Intel Basics: 25 Tools to Compile an In-Depth Dossier on a Competitors’ Site

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Your rankings don’t just depend on how good your site is. They depend on the quality of your competitors’ sites as well. As a result, keeping an eye on your competition should be a regular part of every webmaster’s tactical plan. Use these 25 tools

Using Craigslist to Promote your Website

Not many bloggers utilize craigslist to promote their blogs. I have been using it for a few months now. I often publish several ads per week in different cities. Why should you use craigslist? It’s Free

September 2007

The Mullet Strategy - Featured on BuzzFeed

The biggest sites on the web are all embracing the "mullet strategy" - business up front, party in the back! User generated content is all the rage but most of it totally sucks.

August 2007

July 2007

SEO Today on Squidoo

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The world of search is constantly changing. Are you changing along with it? If not, you may find that what helped you yesterday hurts you today. As such, it is important (indeed, crucial) to stay abreadst of the latest theories and practices that...

SEO Today Article:Google AdWords and Negative Keywords

f you are managing a Google AdWords marketing campaign, it is critical to employ negative keywords. This is particularly true if any of the keyword phrases in the ad campaign are broad- or phrase-matched.

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StumbleUpon Optimization: Leveraging Photo Stumbles for More Web Traffic

Andy Beard - Niche Marketing

Ultimate List of DoFollow & Nofollow Plugins - Banish Nofollow From Comments and Trackbacks

Traffic tips for your websites


Reddit - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About It » 10e20 - Search, Design & Social

Search Engine Ranking Script

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