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November 2007

:: - The Southern Illinoisan ::

Two SIUE students accused of torturing man with cookies

October 2007

Plumpy'nut - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It is a high protein and high energy peanut-based paste in a foil wrapper that can be distributed to children at home rather than in specialist feeding stations and can be eaten without any preparation. I

September 2007


VBS.TV recently did a story on Scopolamine, a substance commonly referred to as "Devils Breath" in Colombia, where it is a common street drug.

August 2007

Threat Level - Wired Blogs

Dateline Mole Allegedly at DefCon with Hidden Camera -- Updated: Mole Caught on Tape

July 2007

June 2007

Australian emerges after two weeks in underwater box

An Australian adventurer emerged from the bottom of a lake yesterday after spending nearly two weeks living underwater, riding a bike to generate electricity and using algae to produce oxygen.

Boing Boing: CIA secret documents just declassified

The Central Intelligence Agency has just declassified 700 pages of documents about such creepy, strange, and titillating subjects as "cranks, nuts, and screwballs," "Soviet Tactical Laser Weapons," and "USSR-UFO Sightings."

February 2007

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