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November 2007

HENRY VIII's WIVES - iconic moments

Henry VIII's Wives restaged historic photographs with elderly volunteers as the models. All of the models in the series, titled "Iconic Moments of the Twentieth Century," live in a home for the elderly in Glasgow. From the Henry VIII's Wives site:

October 2007

Camp Chaos

Camp Chaos Main site

McDonald's Video game

Paolo Pedercini is a mad bastard, and the McDonald's game is his sharp, procedural satire of how fast food is a corrupt industry by necessity.

September 2007

August 2007

Grindhouse Breakfast

A few weeks ago we gave the grindhouse treatment to a lot of popular movies, and it went over quite well. Because original ideas are hard to come by, this week I tasked the Something Awful Forum Goons with giving the grindhouse treatment to breakfast ....

July 2007