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13 April 2007

Dutch racing

A short view of the upcoming racing weekend, and the role of dutch drivers.

02 April 2007

Apple and EMI announce DRM free music

Announcement about DRM free music

31 March 2007

What is it about the conspiracy thinkers?

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What is it about those conspiracy thinkers? Why are they always looking for proof (and twisting it or hiding it or not understanding the scientific explanations). We've seen the "Did we land on the moon?" story from FOX tv. You can find a nice movie which show's the "wrong" thinking here. Another nice webpage at badastronomy written by Phil Plait which shows, with proof, that the claims of FOX tv are just insane.

30 March 2007

Robin Williams - Golf (Full Version)

Movie of the Golf sketch from Robin Williams (hilarious)

29 March 2007

28 March 2007

Not interested in Vista part 2

Today I was wondering again why I am not interested in a new OS with a lot of new technology. When I think back in time, I always installed new OS's because I was always looking/hoping for a better one, or at least just to check it out. Going WAY back in time, I bought my first computer at age 12. It was a Commodore 64

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