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04 March 2007 16:00

Romance: By the Blog

A companion blog to my Romance Fiction column and features, "Romance: B(u)y the Book." Dish with the Bellas about Love, Sex, Family, Life, and, of course, Romance!

03 March 2007 16:00

Eros Blog

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Sex Blogging, Gratuitous Nudity, Kinky Sex, Sundry Sensuality. 'Nuf said . . .

Wired News - Sex Drive Daily Blog

From Wired News, Sex Drive Daily Blog is an informative, fun and entertaining look at sex and sexuality by Regina Lynn with Randy Dotinga.

Talking With Kids About Sex and Relationships

This is the most important topic you can address with your kids, and it is no doubt the hardest. Talking about sex wtih your kids is the one part that most parents find the least comfortable this to discuss.

Talk Sex with Sue Johanson

Frank, open and honest discussions on sex can not be overstated as an important part of any relationship. Sue takes sex education (Sex Ed.) to the classroom.

03 March 2007 15:00

Sex Novelties

If you are having a bachelorette party or just need some great sexy gag toys for you and your partner, this is no small collection of sex novelties.

G-Spot Vibrators & Stimulators

Without question, the most important spot on a woman's body, with the exception of her brain. These g-spot sex toys come in a wonder choice of options.

Sex Toys for Women

This is the sex toy shop for women. If ever there were a larger selection of adult toys for women, I have seen it.

History of human sexuality

A good overview of the history of human sexuality from various cultures around the world.


"A smart, honest magazine on sex, with cliché-shattering prose and fiction."

The Countess

Sex Blogging, Erotica Writing, Sensuality, Good Food And Drink, And A Life Of Pleasure.

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