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02 May 2006 20:45

DK Photo Group

The DK Photo Group is a collaborative effort, drawing together a group of photographers with similar interests. We have joined together to create this site to bring our vision and our art to the world. We hope that you enjoy it and can find the same fascination with destruction that we do.

Lopix Photography

The world is filled with structures, some forgotten and others well-loved. What stories do these buildings have to tell, what scenes have these stones witnessed? Why is the human race so obsessed with erecting these monuments of metal and brick - and why do they so carelessly abandon them when they are no longer needed?

Jeffrey Team - Toronto Real Estate

Our goal is to provide the best information on Toronto Real Estate & Homes whether you want to buy, sell or rent - and to ensure honest and professional service to all of our clients. As members of the Toronto Real Estate Board and the Ontario & Canadian Real Estate Associations, we respect and honour our Realtor Code of Ethics and will ensure that buying or selling a house is as educated and stress free as possible.

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