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22 January 2007

Lying Up, Hiring Down

"We’ve mentioned before that lying on a resume doesn’t benefit anyone. We’ve suggested that it can keep you from getting a job that you were in the running for, or it can end up landing you in a job that you’re just not qualified for, leading to a quick dismissal and a setback in future job searches. Our advice, along with the advice of mom’s everywhere, is still going unheeded by some. A recent CareerBuilder Poll shows that a sizeable number of job candidates are still lying on their resumes."

19 January 2007

Plan B: What Do You Want?

"Once you have it in mind what you really want, you’ll need the tools to find those companies that can truly give it to you. We believe that you can find the job that is the right match for you, one that meets your needs and enables you to set and reach new goals. The tools to find that realistic dream job are coming."

12 January 2007

The Career Change

"The idea of starting something new can be a daunting one, but if you have the proper tools, you’ll find that you have a much better chance of ending up where you want to go in a shorter amount of time than you ever thought it would take."

11 January 2007

The Constancy of Change

"The business landscape can change like the weather. However, one thing won’t change. There will always be a need for talent. Companies and recruiters simply have to shift their approaches to finding that talent as the world changes around them."

10 January 2007

The Job Search Obstacle Course: Time

"So, we have candidates who long for things to move faster and hiring managers trying to beat the clock. You would think both parties could meet somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately, neither group seems to have the tools to engage in a search in which both parties can move at an effective pace and stay in communication along the way, so both know where the process is headed."

09 January 2007

Breaking Down the Recruiter Bill of Rights (Part 3)

The Truth doesn’t stop with resumes. Whether it’s from panic, a desire to impress, or just a sheer lapse in judgment, too many candidates have stayed true on their resumes only to walk into an interview and start embellishing or spinning tales that would do the Brothers Grimm proud. Lying in an interview can easily come back to haunt you in the end. Even if you don’t get caught in the beginning, you can end up landing a job that you’re simply not qualified for only to lose it shortly after everyone else catches on.

08 January 2007

Talent Force

"With Talent Force: A New Manifesto for the Human Side of Business, our own Hank Stringer, along with Rusty Rueff, has taken an in depth look into the current situation in business, focusing on the human side of things and what companies can do to ensure that they are consistently making the right hires. It’s not enough to find just one person who fits the bill. In order to achieve success, companies must have tactics in place that allow them to grow and adapt with a full band of top talent."

04 January 2007

Starting 2007 on the Right Foot

"We’re four days in and many of us have already let those good old resolutions fall by the wayside. Who knows, maybe that whole exercise thing is overrated. Even if the resolutions didn’t pan out in your personal life, it’s important to stay strong when it comes to the job search."

03 January 2007

Plan B: I Can’t Work with These People!

"If you can suck it up and deal with that horrible boss or those incompetent co-workers just a little longer, you can establish an effective Plan B job search; one in which you can hone in on positions and companies that offer a more conducive environment. With the right tools, you can create an expansive search that includes dream jobs as well as jobs that will give you what you’re looking for and get you away from the person or people that are making you miserable day in and day out."

21 December 2006

All I Want for Christmas is...

"The snow is falling, the mistletoe is luring junior high kids to snatch that first kiss, the stockings are hung with care, and the mall is an absolute nightmare. Ah, ‘Tis the Season! It’s the perfect time to figure out what to get those job candidates and recruiters on your list, whether they’ve been naughty or nice."

18 December 2006

The Recruiter Obstacle Course: What Type of Candidate are You Recruiting?

"Recruiters should have the same advantages as hiring authorities. They should have access to candidates’ 'portfolios' before committing their time and energy to the recruiting process. With a fuller representation of a candidate’s history, education, skills, etc. it will be much easier to identify which type of candidate they are, and it will make recruiting them or choosing not to recruit them a much faster and more effective process."

15 December 2006

Waging the War for Talent

"Hiring managers need to realize that their offer might be one of many on the table. As we’ve said before, they need to acknowledge that changes are occurring in the market, and they need the means to get to top talent quickly and to give a clear view of what their company is looking for and what their company has to offer."

14 December 2006

What Do Employers Want?

"We know that you have to sell yourself as the answer to an employer’s prayers, but let’s make it easier for candidates to see what employers are praying for. It’ll make recruiters’ jobs a little easier, too. And we all know that those folks could use a break."

13 December 2006

Plan B: Build Your Portfolio

"That’s where the patient Plan B search comes into play. If you’re a working professional who is “testing the water,” patience is truly a virtue. With the right tools and the time, you’ll be able to put yourself in the best position to find and get that job you’ve always been looking for.."

12 December 2006

The Corporate Recruiter Obstacle Course: Hiring Managers

"We all know that matching the right candidate to the right job involves a lot of jumping through hoops, swinging over moats, and countless other travails for all parties involved. Today, though, we want to focus on one of the major obstacles corporate recruiters have to deal with on a regular basis: hiring managers."

11 December 2006

How Do Executives Find Jobs - The itzBig Blog - Serving the Unserved – Recruiters, Job Seekers, Quiet Working Professionals

"You make six figures, you have the office in the corner, and you’re used to calling the shots. You’re a high-level exec, and you have been for a while. You’ve got a great understanding of your industry and business as a whole, and you do a fine job of motivating those you work with. You’re education is enviable and so is your experience. So why are you totally confused when it comes to the job search?"

08 December 2006

Keep Talent for Yourself

"We’ve reached a point in many industries where there are more jobs than candidates. This is what some like to call a “candidate friendly” environment. What it means for recruiters is that they’re often not the only one with an offer for top talent. So, how do they compete?"

07 December 2006

The Gen Y Job Conundrum

"Recruiters, hiring managers, and employers all seem to think that as more Gen Y employees move into the workplace, they will bring an entirely new outlook on how work can and should be done."

06 December 2006

Plan B: Location, Location, Location

"Of course, one of the most important aspects of that search will be job location. Most people agree that it’s one of the major concerns when looking for a job. Do you want to sit in 3 hours of traffic on the 101 everyday (that’s for our friends in LA)? Or, if possible, do you want to hop in the car and arrive at work 15 minutes later? Are you willing to move or do you need to stay where you are?"

05 December 2006

The Job Search Obstacle Course

"In short, there’s no network that overcomes all of the obstacles these different parties are facing. We know how to solve this problem and in upcoming weeks, we will take a more in depth look at the various roadblocks facing each group as we unveil our solution."

04 December 2006

The Year-End Push: Kicking Your Job Search up a Notch - The itzBig Blog - Serving the Unserved – Recruiters, Job Seekers, Quiet Working Professionals

"December can be a great time to kick up your job search. Come January, even those with their dream jobs will decide it's time to make a change. Just as they'll decide it's time to lose weight, quit smoking, and to do all of those other things that continually make it onto the New Year's Resolution lists."

30 November 2006

Another Look at Privacy

"Spam is bad enough. Spam that divulges even a modicum of personal info is way beyond. It's not too hard to handle, though. A quick delete here, a filter there, and you might have at least one less recruiter to deal with. It's when the telephone comes into play that things can turn ugly in a hurry..."

29 November 2006

Plan B: The Needle in the Haystack Job Search

"The perfect Plan B job search will allow you to give a comprehensive description of your perfect job. It won’t limit you to that good old location and salary that seem to be the only things many job boards are concerned with... you’ll be plugging away at your current job, and one day your search tool will let you know that it has found the job you had only ever dreamt about. That’s the power that an effective Plan B search could, should, and will have."

28 November 2006

Holy Job Search, Batman!

"That's why so many people (at least those fond of super heroes) relate to Batman. After all, they think, if we had the right tools we could make things happen, too. Yes, here's where we proclaim that job candidates can transform themselves from mere mortals to superheroes by following Batman's example. (Full disclosure: the kids were watching Batman last night and it's stayed on our brain.) But back to the point. If candidates can assemble the right tools, they can get much closer to finding that dream job."

27 November 2006

Are You the Best One for the Job?

"Some would suggest that bringing up other candidates in an interview isn’t a good idea, as it takes the focus off of you. Others would suggest that even if you do ask the question you’re not going to get a thorough response. No, there has to be a better way; one that allows you to see how you stack up against other folks out there. You should also be able to see a breakdown of what a company is looking for, and how you compare in each category. Even a simple breakdown would let you say 'hey, I’m lacking in experience, but my skill set ranks at the top.'"