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17 October 2006

Exploring the Job Candidate Bill of Rights (Part 6) - The itzBig Blog

We know that recruiters are swamped with resumes, but as we’ve said many times here, our industry should be one that’s conducted on the basis of respect. We also believe that a system that provides candidates with substantial feedback on why they didn’t get a job or what they need to do to give themselves the best opportunity to get that job will benefit everybody in the search process, including recruiters and hiring managers. Again, when we respect the rights of the job candidate, we all benefit.

11 October 2006

Out of the Military: Go to Plan B

Developing a Plan B is a lot easier if you have an outlet that can put you in contact with recruiters and hiring managers that are interested in the skills you acquired during your service. You also need a source that can help you recognize the skills that you might need to develop in order to have a shot at the jobs that really interest you.

10 October 2006

Exploring the Job Candidate Bill of Rights (Part 5)

There’s something to be said for instinct, but when hiring authorities and recruiters know what they’re looking for and measure each candidate against the same criteria there’s a much better chance of matching the right person to the right job. See, when job candidate’s rights are respected, everyone comes out on top.

05 October 2006

Branded: Recruiters and Job Candidates Create Their Digital Images

Those days are over, friends. You refused to get a drink off the top shelf of the refrigerator for your little brother 25 years ago, that’s going on his blog. You try to be funny on MySpace and you come off like kind of a jerk, countless people are gonna know about it. Anonymity is no longer part of our daily lives, and people are inundated with so many sounds and images that it’s become harder and harder to make a name for yourself simply by doing a solid day’s work.