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20 October 2006 19:00

Halloween Stories from the Job Search

As we gear up for Halloween and start to think twice before walking up the stairs in the dark, we thought it would be the perfect time to highlight a few of the scariest stories from the world of the job search. Just as in the big screen horrors, no one is safe. Candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers are all fair game. Now, prepare to be terrified, or at least amused...

19 October 2006 15:00

New Advertising Schemes Surface on Job Boards. ‘Cause the Old Ads weren’t Annoying Enough - The itzBig Blog

Aggressive lead generation and special offers aren’t the only new ads wreaking havoc on the job boards, and Monster isn’t the only culprit out there. In a beautiful world where DVRs allow us to fast forward right through the commercials, advertisers are constantly looking for the next trick. Just try watching a show without seeing an ad for another show on the same network pop up in the middle of a dramatic scene or during a critical third-down situation.