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01 March 2007

Year of the New Online Job Search

"In order to keep up with the growth and to best serve all parties involved, a new type of online job search is needed; one that best allows candidates and companies to communicate, one that enables quiet working professionals to conduct truly anonymous searches, and one that creates a clear picture of the job market for candidates and gives companies a true sense of the talent pool.”

28 February 2007

Number of Job Haters on the Rise

"A recent survey conducted by Conference Board’s Consumer Research Center revealed that more Americans are fed up with their jobs than perhaps ever before, as less than 39% of those surveyed were satisfied with their current employment. Determining factors for “job-hate” include everything from age (workers under 25 are the least satisfied right now), location (sorry New Yorkers and New Jerseyites or Jerseyians), and income (it seems that large salaries can keep the hate away at least for a while.)”

27 February 2007

Breaking Down the Recruiter Bill of Rights (Part 10)

"There’s no question that much of that tirade is justified. There are recruiters that simply don’t do their jobs well, just as in any industry. However, a skilled recruiter can make a candidate’s search faster, easier, and more effective. Candidates have the right to demand respect when respect is warranted, and talented recruiters should have the same right.”

23 February 2007

The Adventures of Job Boy (Part V: Information Underload)

"His personal belongings in a small cardboard box, Job Boy walked out of the office for the last time. He was worried, but optimistic. He’d landed an interview with a company that just might be the right match. At least he thought it sounded that way. After all, his Plan B search on the Big Boards had led to a variety of posts that weren’t quite clear on the companies or positions involved.”

22 February 2007

Job Hoppers Unite!

"While it might be nice to walk into a potential employer and demonstrate your undying loyalty and your ability to work at one place for decades, it’s simply not an option for many of us anymore. While some (we said some) recruiters deride the job hopping candidates of the world, it’s important to realize that the corporate landscape and the corporation itself isn’t what it used to be.”

21 February 2007

Hook, Line, and Sinker: Job Candidates Targeted for Phishing Scams

"Phishing is no longer relegated to fake credit card offers and emails from phony bankers. We’re now forced to deal with scam postings that look pretty much like the other listings on the big boards. While these opportunities may appear legitimate, it’s important to remember that there’s certain information you should never give to a “potential employer:”

20 February 2007

Breaking Down the Recruiter Bill of Rights (Part 9)

"We’ve always said that people should treat others with respect during the job search and that a little humanity goes a long way. Maybe we haven’t said it just like that, but we’re firm believers that recruiters, candidates, and hiring managers can and should treat each other with dignity throughout the process. Follow-up is crucial for all involved, and having the ability to communicate quickly and easily with the other parties engaged in the search will make the process much easier."

19 February 2007

Technology and Talent

"Now, we’re not suggesting that face-to-face meetings are a thing of the past, and we believe that no recruiter should fear the phone. However, effective technology can help recruiters measure talent, communicate with candidates and hiring managers, and improve the chances of finding the right match for both."

16 February 2007

The Adventures of Job Boy (Part IV: Ready, Aim, Fired!)

"The transformation into Job Boy wasn’t easy. His heart just wasn’t in the job search. Then, he saw it. Amidst the countless listings that said relatively nothing about the job or the company they were for, he saw one that hit too close to home. His company was looking for his replacement. His honesty may have bought him time, but it didn’t save him."

15 February 2007

Working Professionals: Get in the Game

"We don’t believe the needs of working professionals are met by the majority of current job search solutions. We’re dedicated to changing that. Working professionals represent some of the top talent on the market, and recruiters and hiring managers are eager to connect with you. Current searches just don’t provide you with all of the information or opportunity that is out there for you."

14 February 2007

Recruiters and Hiring Managers: Get in the Game

"Recruiters and hiring managers need the tools that let them know which candidates have the skills and qualifications they’re looking for before a job listing is even posted. They also need the means to target, connect to, and take action instantly with highly qualified candidates."

13 February 2007

Breaking Down the Recruiter Bill of Rights (Part 8)

"When job candidates apply for positions, they assume that the job is actually open and that hiring managers are truly interested in bringing someone new onboard. Unfortunately, we know that this isn’t always the case. Job listings are often posted before a company is ready to hire, before the HR budget is in line, or when there isn’t really a need for someone new in the office. This is understandably disheartening to candidates."

12 February 2007

Job Seekers, Working Professionals, Come Join the Revolution

"If you’re one of the millions of job seekers and working professionals not served by today’s online job boards, we invite you to sign-up for the revolution free of charge and obligation. We’ve spent the last several months covering problems that active and quiet candidates have to deal with on their job searches. We believe that most of these problems can be overcome if candidates simply have the right tools to employ on their search."

09 February 2007

The Adventures of Job Boy (Part III: The Parameter Paradox)

"Dejected, Job Boy struggled through the day-to-day grind at work. Then, like a signal in the night sky, the recruiters’ emails called to him. Job Boy quickly opened and read all of them. Not one had paid any attention to his parameters."

06 February 2007

Breaking Down the Recruiter Bill of Rights (Part 7)

"Hiring managers want to find the right match for the job. The same goes for recruiters. However, hiring managers must commit to doing what it takes to make that match possible. They don’t have to hold recruiters hands or anything like that, but if recruiters and candidates are going to spend the time and energy it takes to pursue an open position, hiring managers must at least be committed to hire when the right person comes through the door."

05 February 2007

The Relocation Situation

"So, money can play an even larger role in your job search when you’re looking to relocate. Along with looking for jobs that meet your new financial needs, you’ll also want to learn as much as possible about companies in the area. An effective way to do this is to establish connections with recruiters and hiring managers in what will be your new home."

01 February 2007

Aligning Recruiting with Marketing

"Sell your company to the types of candidates you want. It sounds fairly simple, but it continues to be a problem. Recruiters have the power to convey the corporate brands of their clients, but they need the means to do it effectively. We all know it’s a marketing-driven world, and it’s time for online job sites to catch up with the rest of us.."

31 January 2007

Communication Breakdown

"There are, of course, some people who have found success with unsolicited communication with a recruiter, but there has to be a better way to connect with the right person and the right job. The problem is that the current online job search system doesn’t facilitate useful contact between candidates and recruiters."

30 January 2007

Breaking Down the Recruiter Bill of Rights (Part 6)

"Recruiters don’t talk to candidates enough, candidates don’t keep recruiters informed, and the hiring managers tend to just stay out of the whole process. It’s that aspect of communication that we’d like to focus on today, because when hiring managers disengage themselves from the process, the recruiter’s job gets a whole lot harder"

29 January 2007

Applying for a Job? Highlight Your Achievements

"In the job search, your achievements can be your best assets. Make hiring managers aware of your abilities from the moment they read your resume. Remember, you want to show them how you can come in and make an impact right off the bat."

26 January 2007

The Adventures of Job Boy (Part I: Origin Story)

"That night, Peter sat at home too angry to watch his old television. He ate dinner with the family, and then went to the computer. He felt something changing. He knew that he was meant for more. He knew that there was something else out there for him. He knew that he could no longer tolerate “it could be worse.” He knew he needed a Plan B. He knew he must become…Job Boy!"

25 January 2007

Job Search in Overdrive

"It’s not just depression that leads quiet and active candidates to move their searches into high gear at this time of year. Bonus structures, vacation time, and advancement opportunities are often determined by where you are and how you’re doing in the early months of the year. So, as things pick up, it’s important for recruiters to communicate with candidates and hiring managers in order to make the right match."

23 January 2007

Breaking Down the Recruiter Bill of Rights (Part 5) - The itzBig Blog - Serving the Unserved – Recruiters, Job Seekers, Quiet Working Professionals

"We’ve reached the half-way point of our Recruiter Bill of Rights, and we’ve come to a topic that some candidates shy away from: Salesmanship. A top recruiter knows that a candidate can have a great background and huge plans for the future, but never even get close to landing the job they want because they simply can’t or aren’t willing to sell themselves."