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22 September 2006

Spamalot: The Job Boards’ Not-so-Dark Secret

The spam/spam filter problems serve as another reminder of how broken the system has become. Candidates don’t know if their info is safe, recruiters are missing out on potential clients, and everyone is spending far too much time trying to get down to brass tacks. There simply doesn’t seem to be a job board or online recruiting system in place that is able to cope with the number of candidates and recruiters out there.

21 September 2006

Focusing on Job Candidates

"Itz time to throw a little love the recruiters’ way. What can be done to make the lives of these mighty men and women a little easier? Itz time for a Recruiter’s Bill of Rights. Why should candidate’s be the only ones with a bill of their own, right? Well, as luck would have it, someone has taken John Younger’s Job Candidate Bill of Rights and transfered it piece by piece into the realm of the recruiter."

20 September 2006

Do you really want the job? ‘Cause it doesn’t seem like you do.

"With our recent exploration of the Job Candidate Bill of Rights and all of our talk about “candidate control,” it might seem as though we’re blaming everything that’s wrong with the industry on recruiters; as if somehow it’s only the fault of the recruiter (or hiring authority) that’s keeping candidates from landing their dream jobs. Not so, friends."