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30 October 2006

Show the Recruiters Some Love

"We know there’s not always a lot of love being throw recruiters’ way, but we believe if more recruiters had the right tools to work with; tools that allowed for better communication between all parties involved, and tools that allowed recruiters to better assess what a company was really looking for and what a candidate really had to offer, more candidates and companies would be expressing their gratitude on a regular basis. "

24 October 2006

Exploring the Job Candidate Bill of Rights (Part 7)

"It’s become to easy for businesses and hiring managers to limit the access that job candidates have to information on specific positions and the company as a whole. Whether this occurs due to poor interviews, vague job postings, or a total lack of feedback, it’s got to stop. As we say most weeks when looking at the Job Candidate Bill of Rights, when the candidates are treated right, everyone benefits."