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16 November 2006

Finding Smaller Companies on the Job Boards

"Now, we’ve discussed our issues with the niche boards before. While many are doing a fantastic job of bringing smaller companies to the table, most still lack the tools to help quiet candidates find their dream job at those smaller companies. While it’s a step in the right direction to go beyond the Googles and Yahoos!, more steps have to be taken. It’s not enough to post unique jobs, we have to effectively match candidates to companies. "

15 November 2006

Plan B Job Search: Flirting from Afar

"On the dating sites and the job boards that are modeled after them, it’s a give and take kind of thing, a “let’s get to know each other a little better” kind of atmosphere. We believe in candidate control, and therefore we believe that candidates should have the chance to glean a substantial amount of information about a job or a company without ever saying anything about themselves."

14 November 2006

Exploring the Job Candidate Bill of Rights (Part 10)

"The last ten weeks have given us the chance to see what’s on the minds of most of the job candidates out there. As we see it, there just isn’t a source right now for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers to effectively connect and communicate. As we’ve said before, change is coming, but it won’t just be for candidates. After all, there are things that recruiters and hiring authorities need, and we hope to explore those topics in the future with a comprehensive Bill of Rights for each group."