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06 February 2007

The Dovetail Advantage: Agile Business Response

“Decision-Management consultant James Taylor recently handed down a good strategy rule concerning the speed with which the enterprise responds to business opportunity. He had seen an ad proclaiming that “Those who know first, win” – he disagreed . . .'Those who act first, win (provided the action is smart enough)'"

05 February 2007

Clarify plus Dovetail equals IT Heroes

“Every day in countless ways, the theme of business process coming up against software constraints (and the resolution of that situation) plays out in enterprises all over the world. It’s all done in an attempt to provide better service and support to customers. With regard to Clarify databases, Dovetail Software strives daily to play its part in this ongoing drama, and this has been another happy story from the annals of success."

02 February 2007

Business Process Drives the Change in CRM

“Technology for its own sake is a seductive slip. It may be happening with over-enthusiasm in the technological innovations of today’s changing CRM, but this will eventually self-correct. Technological innovations by their very brilliance will of course carry the field to the extent that they match bottom-line imperatives, but at the end of the game it’s business process that tallies the final score."

01 February 2007

CRM Thrives on Open Standards

“Through all of its evolution, Dovetail Software’s family of CRM products has embraced open standards in the process of bringing extensibility to Clarify’s proprietary code. Open-standard scripting languages such as JavaScript simplify and energize extension and integration throughout the enterprise computing environment. These languages are readily recognized by many applications, and freely employed by in-house IT departments."

31 January 2007

Manually setup Dovetail WebServices on Windows 2003 Server

“We had a customer who needs to be able to manually setup our WebServices under IIS6 so I thought it would be best to share this with everyone. This guide will take you through setting up a virtual web directory under IIS version 6 on Windows Server 2003. It will also show you how to set the security on your files to make sure the web service will work..."

30 January 2007

Software Trends in the Service and Support of Customers

"SOA is the big paradigm change that signals more flexibility in market offerings and IT departments, with the emergence of what we’ve called “democratic software”. The formidable rise in adoption of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) as a successful design philosophy foreshadows its reign as the totally dominant paradigm within two to three years."

29 January 2007

26 January 2007

Customer Satisfaction Comes From Agent Ease of Use

“Enterprises nowadays are spending more to upgrade the systems that their agents use, recognizing that information at the agent’s fingertips results in credibility and confidence with the customer, and cleaner disposition and resolution of each case. The net nominal result to the enterprise is a measurable boost in the productivity of customer-facing workers."

25 January 2007

The Dovetail Advantage: Email and CRM

“Email integration with CRM is an important part of the CRM deployment for any enterprise. This is true simply because we all live and conduct our business in our email clients to a very large degree. RSS feed readers and IM (instant messaging) both have their place in our lives, as does the visual Web browser. In some sites the visual Web browser is now more commonly used as a thin client for CRM consumption than for surfing the Web. But email is the one ubiquitous thing we can’t ignore, and always turn to."

23 January 2007

CRM, CEM, Customer Support and Democratic Software

"Nowadays in CRM we see great strides made in analytics, which serves both to help the enterprise determine the value of each customer, and also to create a personalized experience for each customer across all the enterprise touchpoints."

22 January 2007

Dovetail CRM - Customize Amdocs Clarify Easily

"Users can create customizations and streamline in ways they wouldn’t dare attempt with the standard Amdocs client. One customer added a new customization where entering the most basic case information delivered a report with complex formatting and logic that they couldn’t have derived using their other options of Crystal Reports or Actuate."

19 January 2007

The Social Networking Convergence With CRM

"Convergence never stops happening. The convergence between the Internet and corporate networks continues as CRM (customer relationship management) meets SN (social networking). It’s been talked about for some time now, Fast Company discussed it in the context of sales leads and contact management in 2004"

12 January 2007

CRM and CS&S - Breaking in the New Deployment

"Customers with complaints or problems are the greatest opportunity for any business: help out a customer who cares enough to call you (rather than abandon you without a word), and you’ve probably just created a customer for life, and an evangelist for your company. Marketing has long believed this, and gradually the concept is being absorbed by the technologists who create software systems. The most interesting part of CRM today lies in the area of Customer Service and Support, CS&S. This is where the acquisition cost of the customer is either preserved or thrown away."