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Google Trends

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Google Labs new service where you can compare up to five keywords to see relative search volumes.

goRank SEO Tools - Ontology Related Keyword Finder

Given a keyword provides a list of what keywords google things are related to it.

Datacenter Quick Check

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This McDar SEO Tool can check rankings and pagerank of a website across many of the google data centres.


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Expensive SEO tool.

April 2006

Wordtracker Vs Keyword Discovery

Discussion on High Rankings forum on the two main keyword research tools.

Overture Keyword Assistant France

This is the version of the overture tool for the french market.

SEO Links Extension

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Amazing little seo tool extension for firefox that displays the number of backlinks in the major 3 engines as well as rankings for the anchor text.

MIVA - French Keyword Research Tool

The french version of the MIVA keyword research tool.

Common Backlinks Tool

This very useful tool gives you a list of common backlinks when you put in a list of domains.


Identify and monitor your site's website directory inclusion status fast and easily!

Check & Test Class C IP address: C Block and Sub Net

A tool for comparing the c-classes of your websites against those of your linking partners.

Google Advanced Rank Checking Tool

This tool can check the ranking of a website in the SERPS for Google including regional versions of the engine.