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August 2006

The real problem with reciprocal linking

Post my Michael Martinez on SEOMoz on reciprocal linking - suggesting that google is really concerned with validation.

May 2006

Google Trends

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Google Labs new service where you can compare up to five keywords to see relative search volumes.

Datacenter Quick Check

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This McDar SEO Tool can check rankings and pagerank of a website across many of the google data centres.

April 2006

Golden Triangle on Google

An overview of research carried out by Eyetools (including the heatmap) on where people look on google search results pages.

Google Adsense Heat Map

Google research has shown that website visitors tend to click more when ads are on certain places on the page - this heat map illustrates this.

Create a Google Sitemap Tutorial

A video tutorial from Brad Callen on creating a google sitemap using some free software.