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August 2006

What's in your link quality?

An article on SEOMoz on link quality and what that really means.

Links Taking a Long Time to Get Credit

Observations and discussion on how long link building takes to impact on ranking on SEOmoz.

Identifying the Linkerati

An article in SEOMoz on the area of linkbaiting and who the actual target of linkbaiting campaigns are.

When Money Can't Buy You Link Love

Strategies on getting backlinks from sites that are not interested in money.

Successful Link Requests

Tips on how to successfully go about link requests.

Unconventional Link-Building Ideas

Some good suggestions for unconventional ways to build links.

Advanced Link Building Strategies

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Tips from SEOmoz on strategies for building backlinks for your website.

The real problem with reciprocal linking

Post my Michael Martinez on SEOMoz on reciprocal linking - suggesting that google is really concerned with validation.

Washington Post on the SEO Industry & Link Buying

Interesting discussion in comments on link strength in different markets.

May 2006

April 2006

SEO Links Extension

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Amazing little seo tool extension for firefox that displays the number of backlinks in the major 3 engines as well as rankings for the anchor text.

Common Backlinks Tool

This very useful tool gives you a list of common backlinks when you put in a list of domains.

Value Links Based on Probability of Conversion

Interesting point by Webwork on valuing links based on probability of conversion - part of larger discussion on traffic building.

TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.01

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Submit a URL and get a visualisation of related and connected sites through a java applet.

Backlink Harvester

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Provides analysis of backlinks in yahoo - provides a lot of good information. Also version available to install on your own server for free.

Deep Link Ratio Calculator

A useful tool that produces a report for a specified keyword phrase with the ratio of deep links for the top ten sites under that keyword phrase.

Check Backlink URL's, Check IP's, and Find Age of Website Free SEO Tool.

A three step tool for checking IPs and finding the domain age of backlinks to a specified website.

Free Link Popularity Checker and Link Quality Assessment

A useful tool that presents an overview of backlinks for a specified website - includes whether the website is in DMOZ, Yahoo and info on deep linking.

Tattler SEO Tool

An SEO tool for PC that analyses backlinks.

Link Value Calculator

A neat little tool that allows you to calculate how much revenue you make from individual incoming links to your website.

Link Survey

A windows product for carrying out link analysis - priced at $49

OptiLink Link Reputation Analyzer

This link analysis software is a stand alone application for mac, windows & linux. $149 at time of bookmarking.