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September 2006

August 2006

Links Taking a Long Time to Get Credit

Observations and discussion on how long link building takes to impact on ranking on SEOmoz.

When Money Can't Buy You Link Love

Strategies on getting backlinks from sites that are not interested in money.

Successful Link Requests

Tips on how to successfully go about link requests.

Unconventional Link-Building Ideas

Some good suggestions for unconventional ways to build links.

Advanced Link Building Strategies

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Tips from SEOmoz on strategies for building backlinks for your website.

The real problem with reciprocal linking

Post my Michael Martinez on SEOMoz on reciprocal linking - suggesting that google is really concerned with validation.

Washington Post on the SEO Industry & Link Buying

Interesting discussion in comments on link strength in different markets.

May 2006

April 2006

Value Links Based on Probability of Conversion

Interesting point by Webwork on valuing links based on probability of conversion - part of larger discussion on traffic building.'s TAGS related to tag strategy

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