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18 September 2013 10:00

Level Life Insurance Premiums – A Video Guide

This video guide on Level Life Insurance Premiums explains how they work and the advantages, disadvantages and who should consider using this premium style.

AIA Australia Income Protection Premium Increase 2013

AIA Australia to increase Income Protection, Disability Income and Business Expenses premiums from June 2013. 7% increase only affects policies with stepped and optimum premiums.

Stepped vs. Level Premiums Video – Know the Difference

Learn the differences between stepped vs level premiums in this short video guide! We discuss the advantages and disadvantages, suitability of each premium style and more!

Multi-policy discounts Infographic

If you and your spouse or partner takes advantage of the multi-policy discount offered by select insurers, you can save on your life insurance premiums

National Disability Insurance Scheme – A guide to the NDIS

What we know about the National Disability Insurance Scheme detailed! How it will work, who is eligible, how much it will cost and how it will work with TPD insurance

Income Protection Tax Deduction – A video guide

Learn how to claim an income protection tax deduction in this video! We discuss the claims process, how much you can receive back and the advantages of annual premiums!

TAL Insurance for Graduates

Doctors, Lawyers and Architects looking for Income Protection can get increased cover, without providing financial history, from TAL’s New Professional and Graduate cover!

TAL Results 2013

Life insurer TAL produces strong 2013 results compared to Life Insurance Industry. Underlying net profit up 14% and in force premiums grew by 13.4%!

Life Insurance Sales increase by over 7% in 2012

DEXX&R Report shows life insurance sales increased by $2.5 billion in 2012. Increases across life, trauma, TPD and income protection with decreases in Group Insurance

Stepped Premiums

A guide to stepped premiums – what you need to know about stepped premiums! Why they are cost effective in the short term and when you should consider them.

Level Premiums

A guide to level premiums, how they provide long-term affordability, who they suit and when you should consider this premium type!

18 September 2013 09:45

Interim Cover

Interim cover can provide limited cover for up to 90 days while your application is assessed. Find out how to qualify, what is covered & how to claim on this benefit.

ClearView Insurance

ClearView Insurance offers Life, Trauma, TPD and Income Protection cover! Get a quote and compare with Australia’s leading life insurers.

MLC TPD Insurance

Compare MLC TPD insurance with Australia’s top life insurers! Total and permanent disablement definitions, Built-in benefits, Policy Options and Maximum cover compared.

MLC Income Protection Cover

Compare MLC Income Protection cover, benefit and waiting periods. Find out about the built-in benefits, policy options and how they compare.

MLC Life Insurance

Compare MLC Life Insurance today with Australia’s leading life insurers and save up to 25 per cent on premiums! Built in benefits and policy options discussed!

Accommodation Benefit on your life insurance policy

The accommodation benefit on your life insurance policy. See when you get paid, who is it available for and how much cover you can receive.

Premium Waiver Benefit

The Premium Waiver Benefit waives all premiums if you become severely disabled. See how this benefit works and how to qualify for this benefit.

TAL Income Protection

Compare TAL Income Protection versus Australia’s major life insurers - policy options and free built-in benefits online.

Zurich Wealth Protection Upgrade

Upgrade to Zurich Wealth Protection sees a 50% discount on first year premiums for Child Cover, improvements to Day 4 Accident Cover, Specified Injury Benefit definitions and more.

Meet the experienced team at Life Insurance Direct!

Our experienced team is dedicated to making your life insurance comparison easy, effective and as informative as possible! Contact us on 1300 882 762.

AMP Results for 2012

AMP’s results show net profit of $704 million for FY 12. Shareholders receive dividend of 12.5 cents per shares as CEO focuses on challenges of 2013.

APESB fail to debate APES230 at latest meeting

Introduction of APES 230 in doubt, no debate at latest APESB meeting. Industry group IPA want concessions made to risk commissions. Still in dark over exact makeup.

TAL TPD Insurance

Compare TAL TPD Insurance online today with Australia’s other major insurers! Definitions, policy options, built in benefits and conversion ages compared

Combined Insurance Policies

Combined life insurance can help you save! Combine life insurance, trauma and TPD into one policy!

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