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May 2007

Cancer patients aid association ad print

Another ad print made for Cancer patients aid association about breast cancer awareness. This time is not about the women who already have breast cancer or are suspected to have this illness, but about the women who are trying to become more beautiful using breast implants surgery.

February 2007

Ford Fiesta ad prints

We guarantee that you will not be a mechanic.

November 2006

Adsense Tutorial: How To Make Money From Affiliates

Adsense Tutorial about money from Affiliate programs.

Honda - ASIMO and a boy

In this print ad, ASIMO’s competitor is a young boy, set in the same airport as the 60” movie “run/”. The moment is captured in the boy’s surprise when he sees the new ASIMO prototype running.

October 2006

Defending The Nature

A new spot from Serbian studio Fried Pictures. This is done for biennal art event in Panchevo in Serbia with a theme of preserving the environment and nature.

Michael Schumacher - Shell

Two commercials with Michael Schumacher made for Shell

Adopt an animal from the streets

Nice illustrations about street animal adoptions.