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05 June 2007 18:45


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I’m a huge fan of IPCop. It’s a great firewall distro that makes administration a snap using a slick web interface. My goal was to use IPCop and an easy-to-use VPN client to allow access to my LAN while away from home. I ended up going with the ZERINA OpenVPN addon for IPCop and the OpenVPN GUI for Windows.

Howto Roadwarrior | ZERINA - OpenVPN for IPCops

Howto for ZERINA 0.9.0b - ZERINA 0.9.4b This howto will guide you step by step on howto configure the OpenVPN addon, so that you can run an OpenVPN server on your IPCop firewall, so that roadwarrior clients (Win32 in this howto)can reach your lan. This is what we call "hassle free roadwarrior vpn" ;-)

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