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September 2007

Best4c beta, Best for chart, The best online diagram tool on earth

Best4c(Best for chart) is a Web-based, online diagram tool that allows you to create, edit and share charts anytime, anywhere. · Offers you a way to create and share charts online. · Desktop application feel in a web-based diagramming solution. · Provide an interactive drawing and diagramming solution within all popular internet browsers (FireFox,IE,Opera,Safari). · Export diagram as a PDF or PNG format,and quick paste to word,excel,powerpoint. · Rich social platform for collaboration(Invite others to edit or view your diagrams) · Create many types of diagrams such as Flowcharts, Floor plans, Network diagrams, or any other simple drawing or diagram.

July 2007


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Un web desktop très joli qui semble très bien

May 2007

Iconize Textlinks with CSS

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Links are fun, but sometimes we don't know where they take us. With this little CSS technique a user can identify a link by it's icon. This whole thing was inspired by the "Showing Hyperlink Cues with CSS" article of Ask the CSS Guy. The idea is pretty simple, if a link points to a .pdf file, we show the .pdf icon after the link.

April 2007

The Groupware Server for Web 2.0 -

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Citadel is a complete and feature-rich open source groupware platform. * Email, calendaring/scheduling, address books * Bulletin boards, mailing list server, instant messaging * Multiple domain support * An intuitive, attractive AJAX-style web interface

21 Web 2.0 tutorials for The GIMP

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Today we’ll rediscover the power of the opensource tool “The GIMP” with an overview of good tutorials.

January 2007

senduit | Share easily.

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Un autre service d'upload de fichier plutôt épuré

53 CSS-Techniques

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Pleins de tutoriaux CSS pour faire de très belles choses. Une référence!

Open Source Web Design Templates

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Templates CSS très bien fait pour de la mise en page CSS

Sliding Doors of CSS

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Comment faire des changements d'onglet facile en CSS

Suite bureautique Web

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Un peu équivalent à Google docs, tout en ajax, et qui semble plutôt bien fonctionner. Je trouve personnellement que c'est plus clair!

List Of Web 2.0 Applications

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Une liste d'applications web2.0 réparties par domaine. Très instructif.


Permet de trouver facilement une heure de rendez-vous entre deux personnes

Google Web Toolkit - Build AJAX apps in the Java language

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Outils pour faire de l'Ajax en partant de Java. A regarder

Create CSS overlapping tabs`

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Creation de tabs CSS pour faire un menu horizontal