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February 2008

eeeXubuntu [EeeUser Eee PC Wiki]

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eeeXubuntu is a custom version of the Xubuntu 7.10 Live CD with fully-integrated hardware support, including native wireless drivers, functioning Ethernet support, tweaks for low-resolution desktop environments, and other miscellaneous fixes. Wherever possible, these changes are incorporated using custom .deb packages rather than spewing assorted files all over post-install. (Screenshot) The goal of this project is to maintain a easy-to-install Xubuntu Live CD image for the eeePC, allowing for a reliable base Xubuntu install. One strong advantage of development for the eeePC is a common hardware platform shared by all users. (Those who are missing a miniPCI slot may, of course, disagree.)

Monitoring Servers and Clients using Munin in Ubuntu

“Munin” means “memory”.Munin the tool surveys all your computers and remembers what it saw. It presents all the information in in graphs through a web interface. Its emphasis is on plug and play capabilities. After completing a installation a high number of monitoring plugins will be playing with no more effort. Using Munin you can easily monitor the performance of your computers, networks, SANs, and quite possibly applications as well. It makes it easy to determine “what’s different today” when a performance problem crops up. It makes it easy to see how you’re doing capacity wise on all limited resources. It uses the excellent RRDTool and is written in Perl. Munin has a master/node architecture in which the master connects to all the nodes at regular intervals and asks them for sdata. It then stores the data in RRD files, and (if needed) updates the graphs. One of the main goals has been ease of creating new plugins (graphs).

How-To: Monitoring a Server with Munin

Munin is a simple to configure tool that make real nice graph about your server status. It can actually deal with almost any aspect of your server (load average, network cards status, CPU usage, memory usage, postfix, exim4, mysql ...) without spending much time in configuring it. Munin produce MRTG likes graph so you can easily see how your server health is going.

January 2008

Make SSH connections with PHP

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Not everyone knows about PHP's capabilities of making SSH connections and executing remote commands, but it can be very useful. I've been using it a lot in PHP CLI applications that I run from cronjobs, but initially it was a pain to get it to work. The PHP manual on Secure Shell2 Functions is not very practice or thorough for that matter, so I would like to share my knowledge in this how to, to make it a little less time consuming setting this up. In this article I'm going to assume that: * You're running Debian / Ubuntu If not, you will have to substitute the package manager aptitude with whatever your distribution provides * You're running PHP 5 If not, just replace php5 with php4 everywhere * You have basic knowledge of PHP & server administration * You already have PHP installed

December 2007

Convertir système debian en Raid1

Our intention is not to build a fail-safe system nor a HA-Linux. We are just using RAID-1 mirrored disks to make sure that the system can be restored easily if 1 disk crashes. The following has been tested only twice (hey, we've got other things to do). It did work for us, it might work for you. It might also make your rats go berserk or just blow your mind.

Installation d'un lecteur Samsung YP-U3 sur un système GNU-Linux

Installation d'un lecteur Samsung YP-U3 sur un système GNU-Linux (Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10)

November 2007

How to convert your debian partition to a software raid 1 on the fly

The system is equipped with 2 similar hard disks (they do not have to be the same but it helps if they are at least similar). The first disk is attached to the primary IDE as master, it will be referenced as /dev/hda. The second disk is attached to the secondary IDE also as master, it will be referenced as /dev/hdc.

Network traffic analyzer for Your Ubuntu System

Darkstat is a network statistics gatherer.Effectively, it’s a packet sniffer which runs as a background process on a cable/DSL router, gathers all sorts of useless but interesting statistics,and serves them over HTTP.

HOWTO improving your internet connection using wondershaper - Ubuntu Forums

wondershaper is an easy to use traffic shaping script that provides these improvements: * Low latency for interactive traffic (and pings) at all times * Allow websurfing at reasonable speeds while uploading / downloading * Make sure uploads don't hurt downloads * Make sure downloads don't hurt uploads

How to Install Openvpn

The purpose of this document is to describe how to install OpenVPN server on an Ubuntu Linux system and have it utilize an Ethernet bridge to access your local network. Ethernet bridges essentially allow the operating system to treat multiple network interfaces as one combined port. When used with OpenVPN a bridge will allow you to easily connect external users to your internal network and have them receive all traffic as though they were locally connected. The alternative is to use OpenVPN with a route but that will not allow some forms of traffic through (such as multicast), multicast traffic is important to me as many games require multicast data.

Le RAID sous GNU/Linux

Ce document explique comment mettre en place plusieurs types différents de RAID logiciel sur une plateforme Linux.

October 2007

Xen 3 for Debian

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Since several years, I build my own network at home, running 2 to 7 machines at the same time (gateway, firewall, workstation, devstation, servers...). In my flat, it produce a lot of noise, take too many space and consume electricty. I decided to stop that, and to run my all network into a single machine, using virtual machine. The technology that convinced me is Xen.

Create DomU

Creating a Virtual Server - domU There are 3 options of what to run DomU on: 1. File Based Image 2. LVM Based 3. Physical Partition 1. A file based image is the quickest to setup, however has poor/terrible IO performance. The virtual server is limited to the initial size of the image created also. The file based Image can however be easily mounted in a rescue system, and easily backed-up. 2. LVM for domU is the industry standard. After the initial setup of LVM, as described here, it is a dream to manage. LVM partitions can be resized afterwards!!! Due to this "resizing" capability and flexibility, its use for Xen Virtual Servers is ideal. They also have much better IO performance than file-based. I dont know about mounting these partitions however in a rescue system. Something to try out... -). 3. Physical Partitions have the best IO, but are difficult to alter and inflexible.

Installing Xen On An Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Server From The Ubuntu Repositories

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This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to install Xen on an Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04) server system (i386). You can find all the software used here in the Ubuntu repositories, so no external files or compilation are needed.

July 2007

Flux de travail numérique pour le photographe sous Ubuntu

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Heureux possesseur d'un appareil reflex numérique, et passionné de photographie, voila quelques temps que je me suis penché sur la meilleur façon d'organiser mon flux de travail sous linux. En effet, bien que Photoshop soit l'application propriétaire réputée la plus réclamée par les utilisateurs de Linux, l'OS au pingouin est en en réalité très bien équipé pour faire face a un flux de photographie numérique avancé. Dans ce billet, je vais tenter de présenter un flux de travail pour la photographie numérique, entièrement sous Ubuntu. Certains logiciels présentés ne sont pas libres, mais je présenterais les alternatives libres existantes.

How To Install Enlightenment E17 The Easy Way - Ubuntu

The installation of Enlightenment E17 sited in this thread uses the repositories created by the Elbuntu team. Special thanks goes out to all of the Elbuntu developers for taking the time to package E17 for Ubuntu and making the repositories available to the community.

June 2007

Dsh - Shell ditribué

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Si vous avez plusieurs machines ubuntu sur votre réseau, et que vous devez faire des taches répétitives sur ces machines, dsh va bien vous aider. Dsh (Distributed SHell ou Dancer's SHell) permet de lancer une commande sur une/des machines ou encore mieux des groupes de machines.

May 2007

13 Raccourcis clavier pour Bash

e shell par défaut sur de nombreux linux est bash. Il existe bien évidemment un bon nombre de raccourcis clavier pour vous faciliter la vie... une fois que vous arrivez à les retenir (et je sais comme c'est dur :D) ! Ici, je vous propose de passer en revue 13 d'entre eux qui vont vous être utiles au quotidien

Ubuntu :: the How-To Geek

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Une incroyable collection de how-to en anglais concernant ubuntu, pour une utilisation un peu avancée.


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BackupPC est un logiciel libre de sauvegardes informatiques publié sous licence GPL. Cet article va vous indiquer comment installer BackupPC, comment le configurer et comment configurer les machines clientes (Windows ou Linux).

April 2007

SÉCURITÉ Ssh sans mot de passe

Ou comment se connecter à une machine distante sans avoir à rentrer son mot de passe. Il existe une méthode de configuration plus rapide. Vous pouvez en une seule commande ajouter votre clé dans le fichier `authorized_keys` du serveur distant grâce à `ssh-copy-id`. Pour cela procédez comme suit :

Trucs:Changer le hostname

Si comme moi, vous avez négligé le nom de la machine (hostname) à l'installation et que vous désirez le changer, voilà comment procéder :

Tutorial d'installation d'Oreon

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Cette documentation a été réalisé avec une Debian Sarge 3.1

March 2007

Accents des fichiers Samba/Linux

On a donc le charset ISO-8859-1 utilisé sur la machine qui fait tourner samba (à vous de spécifier le votre, en général ce sera celui là sur une installation en français), et sur les clients windows, on a la page de code 850 (pour la connaitre, taper chcp en ligne de commande sous windows).

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