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February 2008

Network Weathermap | See Everything

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Script PHP établissant une carte du réseau avec les informations de traffic

December 2007

PHP Login script

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If you're looking for a serious script to manage your users then you're at the right place. Built with security in mind and packed with dozens of features, our PHP login script is the right solution for every webmaster looking to take his website to the next level. Trust us, we've stayed (and we still do for early versions) open-source long enough to learn what people really need.

July 2007

LabradorData : vpsinfo

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vpsinfo is a Linux server monitoring script, written in PHP, that provides web access to system status information. It gathers the output from several common Linux commands into one web page, providing a quick overview of the system's current state.

Shell Commander

Shell Commander is a PHP script, that allows remote execution of shell commands (like SSH client) through a web browser.

How-To: Monitor your servers with SNMP and Cacti

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SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a protocol for managing networks. Each managed entity in the network will run an snmp server (snmpd) which is going to collect datas from the server such as networking, load, cpu ... Cacti on the other hand is a frontend to the RRDTool with SNMP support. It collects and keep data in a MySQL database and display them through a PHP web frontend.

January 2007

Zimbra groupware

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Pour rappel Zimbra tourne sur une plateforme Apache/Tomcat/MySQL/LDAP. C'est un outil comparable à Egroupware (agenda, messagerie, annuaire, wiki) ; il se différencie au niveau interface, puisque celle-ci est tout AJAX, permettant glisser/déposer, menus contextuels, etc. Une des premières applications abouties de ce que l'on peut faire avec AJAX. Zimbra propose aussi en libre des plugins, permettant par exemple de l'interfacer avec Asterisk, avec Google Maps, Wikipedia, etc.

vtiger CRM on Ubuntu

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Installation détaillée du système et du CRM