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March 2008

How to customize xplanet-gnome

Ok, now you have xplanet-gnome set up. Here's how you can customize it by editing the script. We'll go through the script line by line and examine what all of the parts do. So, let's get to it.

planetary eyecandy

If you’ve ever thought that having one particular image on your desktop gets a bit dull, then this may be something for you. xplanet generates images of the Earth at set intervals (for example every 10 minutes) that shows the Earth roughly at this point in time. In addition, what I have here is cloud cover updated every 3 hours, so it’s like a weather map.

February 2008


Créer un graphique avec les artistes écoutés sur

January 2007


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Un uploader très web2.0 comme imageshack pour uploader rapidement des images

Free Image Hosting

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