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January 2008

Tango icon theme generator

The third major incarnation of the Tango Generator is a python application allowing the user to collate icons from all over the internet, and merge them into a single personalised icon theme. A single theme will typically contain more than 10,000 icons. Thanks to the Tango Icon Theme Guidlines, icons from over 20 themes can be mixed at will while remaining assured of a consistent overall appearance. The Generator is capable of themeing the Gnome and XFCE desktop environments, aswell as a wide range of common GTK applications - including Azureus, Gftp and Inkscape.

August 2007

Weather wallpaper

What is Weather wallpaper? Weather wallpaper is a program which connects to NOAA each hour to get the current weather at the specified location and creates and sets a wallpaper with the data retrieved.

May 2007


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cGmail (check gnome mail) is an email checker and notifier applet for the gnome desktop written in python. cGmail will check periodically your account/s and will notify you on new incoming messages.

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