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November 2007

Pure CSS Scrollable Table with Fixed Header

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Pure CSS Scrollable Table with Fixed Header Using CSS to allow scrolling within a single HTML table

May 2007

GreyBox Ajax popup

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GreyBox can be used to display websites, images and other content in a beautiful way. Why use GreyBox: * It does not conflict with pop-up blockers * It's only 22 KB! * It's super easy to setup * It's super easy to use * You can easily alter the style as it is controlled through CSS

Iconize Textlinks with CSS

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Links are fun, but sometimes we don't know where they take us. With this little CSS technique a user can identify a link by it's icon. This whole thing was inspired by the "Showing Hyperlink Cues with CSS" article of Ask the CSS Guy. The idea is pretty simple, if a link points to a .pdf file, we show the .pdf icon after the link.

January 2007

53 CSS-Techniques

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Pleins de tutoriaux CSS pour faire de très belles choses. Une référence!

Open Source Web Design Templates

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Templates CSS très bien fait pour de la mise en page CSS

Sliding Doors of CSS

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Comment faire des changements d'onglet facile en CSS

Create CSS overlapping tabs`

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Creation de tabs CSS pour faire un menu horizontal

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