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January 2010

Causes of Skin Allergy: Nickel, Rubber and Poison Ivy

An unusual body reaction (such as itching, redness, rash, swelling and hives) to a direct contact of something with the skin in called allergic contact dermatitis.

Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo

For those who do not agree with the tricks Mother Nature plays on them by thinning their hair, scientists discover all kinds of solutions. One of the options offered is a hair loss prevention shampoo.

5 Antibiotics For Acne Cure - Reasons To Be Cautious Using T

When puberty begins, young people begin to experience a wide variety of developmental physical, physiological and emotional changes. The obvious physical changes include beard and muscle development in young males, and young females, with the onset of menses, also start to develop breasts and wider hips.

Antibiotics and Acne - What You Need to Know

For some, suffering from acne becomes such a problem that no cream or ointment seems to be able to cure the problem. A lifetime of struggling with painful and unsightly spots has lead to medical research into medicinal help for acne, and is therefore available to those suffering from long term acne problems.

Make Herbal Skin Care Products at Home

There were times when herbs were the only way to take care of skin. With the development of chemistry and cosmetics people started forgetting about herbs and their power to take care of overall health.

December 2009

Girls Start Smoking While Dieting

The motives to start smoking are different for various groups of people. Some feel stress and need to cope with it as they used to do in childhood: by sticking something in their mouths, but instead of a pacifier, adults prefer cigarettes.

First Drive: 2010 Bentley Continental Supersports

Bentley has always been something very sophisticated: a beautiful appearance combined with smooth ride. And 2010 Bentley Continental Supersports fits this definition as well.

November 2009

American Diet Causes Hair Loss

American diet does not only ruin health and make people fat, the meals high in fat, animal protein, and salt lead to hair loss. Paul Pitchford in Healing with Whole Foods explains that American diet brings damage to kidneys and changes acidity of blood.

Facts Behind Hair Loss In Men

Going bald is a fact of life for millions of men. Adults lose about 10,000 scalp hairs each and every day. Hair normally lives for around five years. With male pattern baldness these hairs do not always get replaced and gradually bald areas appear.

Vitamins For Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome can vary from person to person. There are people who experience symptoms of diarrhea with their irritable bowel syndrome while there are some people who experience constipation.

Top 5 iPhone Apps for Productivity

Apples App Store downloads surpassed 2 billion in just over a year, at an astonishing rate of 6.6 million downloads per day. With more than 85,000 apps available, iPhone and iPod users are at no loss for options. The iPhone can be as useful as you need it to be, and the potential that it has is amplified even more with the right apps.

What causes laptop batteries to overheat?

In conjunction with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Dell and Apple Computer announced large recalls of laptop batteries in the summer of 2006, followed by Toshiba and Lenovo.

September 2009

Smoking for Stress Relief

All people experience stress from time to time and they cope with it differently. For many of them cigarettes are great helpers which are claimed to calm down the nerves and to relax.

Danica Patrick Is Staying with IndyCar

Danica Patrick is known by everybody. She is an American auto racer, model and spokeswoman. Danica started her racing career very early and became the first woman to win IndyCar race in 2008 Indy Japan 300.

Top 10 Homemade Remedies For Acne Revealed - Fighting Acne

Acne problems can easily be cleared if you consult a doctor. Any dermatologist can help you get healthy looking and glowing skin with regular treatments. However, that costs money and time.

Generic Imitrex (Sumatriptan 25mg). Buy Generic Imitrex Onli

SUMATRIPTAN (Imitrex) is used for the treatment of migraine headaches with or without aura (eg, flashing lights, wavy lines, dark spots).

Minocin Generic

Minocin is used for treating certain infections. It may also be used with other medicines to treat severe acne, or for other conditions as determined by your doctor.

Many Tips On How To Get Rid Of Cold Sore

If you are looking for some advice on how to get rid of cold sore realize that the healing process can be hastened. You may realize that the cold sore is associated with sensitivity on your lip and a firm region that s visually undetectable.

Weight Loss after Pregnancy

For many new moms extra weight gained with pregnancy is a big deal and they are desperate to get rid of it as quickly as they can, however, as any other weight loss process it takes time and patience.

Hair Loss Solution - 5 Effective Treatments To Consider

Although inescapable, hair loss can be prevented with proper care, solutions and treatment. A lot of treatments, topical or surgical, are out there for you to choose from.

4 Ways to Help Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure Levels

Life these days is all about rushing here and there, with little time for adequate physical exercise or time to prepare a healthy balanced meal. We are all filled with anxiety and stress as we strive to fulfil our work and family commitments daily.

Ex-Gangster at Linewatch for US/Mexico Border

Different things happen at the border: while some people are going to different countries with legal documents and legal reasons, the others try to break the laws by any means they can find.

Quit Smoking with a Smile

Doctor Cliff Kuhn offers unusual way to stop smoking. He has dealt with smokers for many years and believes that 7 out of 10 smokers want to quit, but cannot give up the habit completely because of the strong addiction to nicotine.

August 2009

The Past and Future of Mini

Fifty-three years ago British engineer, Sir Alex Issigonis has come up with a design of a small car which became famous as Mini. He drew the image of the first car on a cocktail napkin in Nice, France.

Weight Loss with Acai Berry

There have been a lot of talks lately about an unusual berry called acai (pronounced as ah-sah-ee). It is claimed to be a very healthy fruit which promotes weight loss. Is it a miraculously good berry or acai has simply been advertised too much?

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