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September 2008

Volkswagen Becomes Third Biggest World Auto Seller

Volkswagen team has worked really hard during this year to increase the sales and put their vehicles to the different markets of the world.

August 2008

2009 Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen is ready to present its new redesigned hatchback Golf, which is promised to be better than all the previous models. Its production is going to start next year: at first it goes to European customers in October, 2009, and then it will be sold in North America, Australia, Asia and Africa as a 2010 model.

May 2008

Volkswagen Golf GT Sport replaces Golf Sport and GT trims

Volkswagen’s new VW Golf GT Sport trim package will replace the outgoing pair of Golf Sport and GT packages.

September 2007

Volkswagen s production Tiguan graces the stage

Lost in the fray surrounding the reveal of the Up!, Volkswagen’s entrant into the cute ‘ute segment officially debuted in production guise in Frankfurt. The Tiguan, which will go on sale early next year, will initially be equipped with either a 140 HP two-liter TDI or a 150 HP 1.4-liter TSI, with larger engines to follow.

May 2007

Volkswagen Golf GTI W12 - 650hp unveiled

Volkswagen has unveiled their Golf GTI W12 650 concept. This car is powered by a 6.0L biturbo W12, generating 650horsepower and 530 lb-ft of torque and mater with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

January 2007

New insurance service for VW customers

The Volkswagen Group has announced that a new insurance service is to be made available to its customers, with individually branded motor insurance products for five of its brands to be administered by Zurich.

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