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June 2009

Weight loss pills and their side effects

Most of the diet pills out there have side effects. They vary depending on the medicine and the person. Most common diet pills side effects include heart conditions, insomnia, dry mouth and diarrhea and some may persist and create a chronic medical condition if you continue to take the drug.

December 2008

Female Smokers Find It Harder to Kick Their Habit

Statistics show that smoking women have a harder time in quitting their unhealthy habit than men do. According to a researcher of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, women’s addiction to both nicotine and their “smoking image” can be stronger and more overwhelming than that of men.

October 2008

Remember the Titans and Their Great Coach

Remember the Titans is the beginner of many other sport films produced by Walt Disney Pictures. The plot f the movie is based on the true story, which happened in Alexandria, Virginia in 1971.

November 2007

One in Ten Drivers Lies to Their Insurance Company

According to statistical analysis conducted by RAC Financial Services, one out of every ten drivers is ready to lie to his insurer in order to reduce premiums. The most common example of quot;small lies quot; among motorists is to claim that they will keep a car locked in a garage overnight, while in fact the car will not be there (11% of the respondents).

September 2007

Garmin and TomTom to launch their own GPS-enabled phones this year?

It’s a fact that mobile phones with built-in GPS receivers will sooner or later kill the pure personal navigation devices. After all, who would want a device which only does a single task in the era of convergence. That being said, the latest rumor we have involves two navigation giants, Garmin and TomTom, which are apparently working to bring their own GPS-enabled phone to the market in the not-that-distant future.

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