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April 2009

27 Dresses Is More than Enough

27 Dresses is a romantic comedy that would be delightful to watch for almost anybody, tells a story of a young lady who has many friends and was invited to 27 weddings as a bridesmaid. It is definitely good to help a friend to organize the most important day of her life

September 2008

Blackberry Bold - A Better Business Mobile Than the Apple Iphone

In the smart phone market, competition is hotting up. No longer are smart phones clunky beasts that only an executive would love. Smart phones are now sexy and a must have for the trendy consumer.

July 2008

Slimming Facts: Why Men Respond to Diets and Exercise Better than Women

Frustrated women often complain that, despite dieting and exercising at the same rate, they are not as successful in shedding off excess weight as their husbands.

May 2008

ABI Research: More than 550 million GPS-enabled handsets will ship by 2012

With location-based services (LBS) like navigation and location-aware social networks steadily gaining momentum, ABI Research is predicting more than 550 million GPS-enabled handsets will ship by 2012.

It Is Cheaper to Download MP3 Albums from Internet than Buy Them in a Store

There are dozens of different genres of music and all of them are different. But isn’t it good, there are so many different kinds of music that every person in the world can choose what he likes most?

February 2008

Apple iPhone generates 50 times more Google searches than any other mobile device

In yet another iPhone-validating statistic, Google announced at Mobile World Congress Barcelona that Google search traffic from iPhones was 50 times greater than search traffic from any other mobile device. We already knew that the iPhone sent a lot of traffic to Google, but this is just outrageous. It seems that iPhone users are addicted to Google search - and it makes sense given that the iPhone Safari browser s built-in search bar is defaulted to Google.

November 2007

Kenwood GPS unit: the pen is mightier than the keypad

If you’re not too tech savvy or fluent in the mysterious operation of paper maps, Kenwood’s got your back. At the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show, Kenwood showcased a GPS unit that also comes with a pen-shaped scanner.

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