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April 2009

Triumphant Story of Iron Man

The superhero from comics in 1960’s Iron Man became alive in a 2008 movie. It tells a story of Tony Stark who is an engineering genius. Being captured and wounded, Tony has to create an armored suit to prevent his own death and help with the escape from prison.

March 2009

Are Mirrors a Remake or an Original Story?

Mirrors is a 2008 horror movie made by a beginning French director, Alexandre Aja. The film was first named Into the Mirror, copying 2003 Korean picture which it partly followed. Although the final credits state the movie is based on the Asian Into the Mirror, Alexandre Aja claims that Mirrors is not a remake.

December 2008

Hair Growth Products: What’s the Story With Propecia?

Hello again my congregation of beautiful balding men. So we meet again. Well to all those that read my last (and my first!) article, thank-you. For you new readers, sit back enjoy and hopefully learn something. Well we’re back talking about hair growth products, and today we are going to specifically talk about one product

August 2008

Bourne Ultimatum: the Story Continues…

Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) keeps trying to figure out who he is, but he cannot just sit down and talk to the people who could help, because each of his steps is watched by the CIA agents, since they have an order to eliminate him…

July 2008

The Love Story Written in Notebook

A charming story written in an old man’s Notebook, who comes to visit an invalid lady every day in a sanatorium. Her memory gets thinner and every day she remembers less about her family, her life, everything that surrounds her.

June 2008

Rambo 4: a New Story about John Rambo

The big fans of Sylvester Stallone and Rambo were surprised by the new fourth part of the series. The last one was made twenty years ago and in 2008 the Vietnam veteran John Rambo is coming back to the screens of the theatres.

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