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July 2008

A History Of Audi From Four Rings To Sports Cars

The cars in the Audi range today can trace a heritage back more than a century to the Horch Motorcar Company, named after the founder August Horch. However a mere eight years after the first Horch car was rolled out the founder was bought out of his own company.

May 2008

2008 Acura NSX with Advanced Sports Car Concept

Honda has unveiled its Acura Advanced Sports Car Concept, successor to the Acura NSX.

December 2007

All In One Sports Nutrition For The Working Athlete

Why are we drawn to sports? It is because we appreciate and take pleasure in witnessing the human spirit in motion. Athletes competing and achieving despite difficulties inspires us all. It is a reality TV show in its best. Sometimes, we can t help asking what sort of quot;all in one sports nutrition quot; they are taking.

November 2007

Honda Civic Type R - New Sports Sedan is Coming to the Market

Our expectations are coming true. Honda tuning giant Mugen will be releasing its version of the Honda Civic Type R to its home market in a limited-production run of just 300 cars.

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