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March 2009

The SciPhone Dream G2 - A Look at This New Google Android Cl

The newest SciPhone Dream G2 has been long awaited. That s because it s the newest and one of the few clones to attempt Google s android mobile operating system. I ll give a quick overview of this phone in the following article.

6 Things You Should NEVER Do with your Cell Phone

The cell phone is a truly magical piece of technology. The mind actually spins when trying to consider all the ways it has changed our lives for the better. But with all that convenience there is also additional risk.

February 2009

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music - Touch Screen Features Review

The latest smart phone to be marketed under the Nokia banner is the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music phone. The smart phone looks impressive and elegant. Nokia has launched this touch screen phone due to the increasing world wide appeal for touch screen devices.

January 2009

Mobile Phone GPS Tracking - Anonymous Way Of Spying

Cellular phones have become a basic commodity and as such almost everyone have a single unit at hand. Just by having a cellular phone, the compatible software, and a vehicle that has a built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) device, one may have anonymous cellular phone GPS tracking.

BlackBerry Mobile Phones - Complete Office in Small Pocket

The BlackBerry mobile phones are elegant and stylish phones with all the smartphone features that a business user would want. BlackBerry launched various handsets in mobile phone market such as the BlackBerry Bold 9000, BlackBerry Storm 9500, BlackBerry 8820, BlackBerry Curve 8300, BlackBerry Pearl 8100, BlackBerry Pearl Flip 34, BlackBerry 8800 an

December 2008

A Few Useful Tips On How To Get Iphone To Work On Other Phon

Today, buying your iPhone makes it also necessary for you to learn how to get iPhone to work on other phone services because there have been numerous advances been made in the technology being used in cell phones including VoIP, and even cameras in your cell phones

Listening to an iPod While Driving

Everyone knows that talking over the mobile phone while driving is illegal. But what about listening to MP3 player ?

November 2008

Top 10 Used iPhone Buying Tips - We Cover 16g, 8gb and 4gb U

Long before you put your money into a used iPhone for sale; make certain the provider of the Phone has a decent return policy, and one that preferably supplies you with a cash back option. Upon the receipt of the used iPhone, inspect the item carefully for exterior damage and interior water damage

October 2008

Research Into the Increasing Use of GPS Vehicle Tracking Sys

GPS tracking systems integrate a gps receiver, a mobile phone modem and some firmware that is packaged into what is known as a gps tracking device. This device is then connected via the cellular network to a backend server system.

September 2008

XPhone Tri Band Phone - This New iPhone Clone Has Many Popul

It seems like there is a new iPhone clone coming out all the time. I suppose this high supply is due to consumer interest and a high demand. In today s economy, it can make sense to have the flexibility of being free to chose your own low cost carrier without being forced to go with the network hawked by the phone you want.

Blackberry Bold - A Better Business Mobile Than the Apple Iphone

In the smart phone market, competition is hotting up. No longer are smart phones clunky beasts that only an executive would love. Smart phones are now sexy and a must have for the trendy consumer.

August 2008

Sony Ericsson G900 Vs Nokia N96 - Which is the Multimedia Ki

Multimedia is a massive selling point in modern mobile phones. Music, video, photos… it all goes towards a mobile phone being seen as the best of the best.

Samsung Cell Phone, A Basic but Important Phone

Samsung cell phones are a favorite choice among cellular phone uses. Despite the simple design of the basic phone, they easily disappear off the store shelves because of their sheer popularity.

Nokia Opens Music Store In France

Nokia mobile phone users in France now have access to the Nokia Music Store. Nokia’s music store has over 2.5 million titles from top French and International artists.

May 2008

Motorola debuts fuel cell powered phone

Angstrom’s hydrogen fuel cell can be integrated into Motorola phone, promising quicker charge, longer battery life and no emissions

April 2008

Self-destruct button for your mobile phone - the irresistable cellphone charm

Don’t look down. Don’t lick the frozen flag pole. Don’t, under any circumstances, push that RED button. What is the very first thing you do when someone tells you not to do something?

Paul Frank Brings Fashion To Cell Phone Cases

A cell phone is the ultimate accessory and what better way to carry it than with a new case designed by Paul Frank?

Motorola official with GPS-enabled Smart Rider phone

Back in February we saw Moto Smart Rider passing the FCC hurdle, and now, almost two months later it s here. Of course, it was announced at the CTIA where we expected much more from America s struggling handset makers, but quot;it is what it is, quot; as they say.

PocketCM Keyboard brings iPhone-like virtual keyboard to Windows Mobile

Since Apple announced the iPhone, using a touchscreen equipped phone without a stylus looks more appealing than ever. Primarily, it’s more practical.

March 2008

Nokia Phone on Squidoo

The latest Nokia news, articles, information, photos, and more.

December 2007

Disabled People Tend to Smoke More

Recently, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention has conducted the first national survey to find out the percentage of smokers among people with disabilities. The study was carried out as a random telephone survey which included about 294,000 adults able to answer the phone and not confined to institutions.

Lenovo Announces Release Of 3G Cell Phone

Lenovo Mobile recently announced their plans to release a new 3G cell phone.The phone is expected to be released in China at the Spring Festival

Hop-on Brings Back Disposable Cell Phone for Use on Verizons Open Network

Wireless announcement that it will allow outside phone and mobile devices to connect to their network. The stylish disposable phone is ideal for kids, teens, seniors, tourist, vacationers, business travelers and people with credit challenges.

November 2007

Chinese UpStage, dual sided GPS mobile phone

Now I would be wrong to say this is a ripoff device, it only sports two sides like the Samsung UpStage. I find that to be hard to protect with copyright laws (although I’m not an expert), so this is perfectly legal device as far as I see.

Amex Digital GPS phone

This is the latest device from the Hong Kong based Amex Digital. I never knew them for making phones…anyways…the phone features built in GPS

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