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April 2009

Male Pattern Baldness and Norwood Scale

Male pattern baldness is the most common hair loss diagnosis in men. It is a permanent type of alopecia (hair loss) which is caused by hormones and genetic predisposition.

February 2009

Propecia Finasteride for Male Pattern Baldness

Hair loss can occur in men as well as women. Loss of hair from any part of body is termed as alopecia. This can result in complete baldness also. Male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia is a condition in which men experience thinning of hair on the crown or circumference of the head. This is a result of weak hair follicles.

Hair loss- Propecia for male pattern baldness treatment

Male pattern hair loss or baldness is not a life threatening condition but men who suffer from this problem can have some serious problems in all spheres of life. Though some men accept their baldness or hair loss and move on, some men just cannot get on with it and suffer a great deal mentally.

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