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January 2009

A Cure For Acne - Do Scientists Now Have a Breakthrough?

I was reading online that in a national British newspaper, The Telegraph, it was claimed that Scientists believe they have found a breakthrough treatment for acne. In the article, it was quoted that the drug, specifically named SMT D002, can actually reduce the flow of sebum.

August 2008

Stop Drinking Now .. Alcohol and Depression

It may seem that everywhere you turn in our society that alcohol plays a significant role. From many of our holidays and traditions, the availability and opportunity for alcohol is a reality.

June 2008

Cingular KRZR Is Now Available

I was at the Cingular store yesterday looking around and noticed that they had a KRZR on display as well as a RIZR. These are very good looking devices.

December 2007

Higher Fuel Efficiency is the Law Now.

At last President Bush has signed the legislation which will absolutely change the vehicles Americans drive in future. The document was firstly adopted by the House by a large margin. According to this bill higher fuel economy standards are set for cars and light trucks.

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