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April 2009

iPhone Complaints

The iPhone has been a consumer hit and a commercial success - what with a fashionable design and impressive gadgetry -- enough to arouse the envy of every one in one s near vicinity. High prices and a required two-year wireless commitment with AT amp;T, brushed aside.

SciPhone I68 Vs the iPhone - Which is Better? How Do They Co

There s no doubt that in today s economy, people are intrigued with the iPhone clones. It s awful tempting to get off a bit cheaper and to free yourself from that expensive, monthly contract. But, do these clones really stack up favorably to the real thing?

March 2009

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Versus 3G Apple iPhone - Comparison

The mobile has become an indispensable need for all of us. One cannot think one s life without it. Nokia and Apple are very popular among all the brands. Both of these brands use the advanced technology in their mobile handsets.

September 2008

XPhone Tri Band Phone - This New iPhone Clone Has Many Popul

It seems like there is a new iPhone clone coming out all the time. I suppose this high supply is due to consumer interest and a high demand. In today s economy, it can make sense to have the flexibility of being free to chose your own low cost carrier without being forced to go with the network hawked by the phone you want.

July 2008

iPhone 3G Line Forms in NYC

A ten person line has been spotted outside Apple s Fifth Avenue retail store as of this Friday afternoon. As ample supply is expected, it seems unnecessary to be waiting a full week outside the store.

June 2008

Analyst: Prepay iPhone 3G for $600?

If there s one thing Apple does well, it s designing slick products and pushing brand awareness (with relatively little marketing). Okay, that was two things. But, Apple s just as fallible as any other company.

February 2008

Apple iPhone generates 50 times more Google searches than any other mobile device

In yet another iPhone-validating statistic, Google announced at Mobile World Congress Barcelona that Google search traffic from iPhones was 50 times greater than search traffic from any other mobile device. We already knew that the iPhone sent a lot of traffic to Google, but this is just outrageous. It seems that iPhone users are addicted to Google search - and it makes sense given that the iPhone Safari browser s built-in search bar is defaulted to Google.

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