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June 2009

HBO Sex and the City Show Turned into a Movie

For a while Sex and the City comedy series has been shown on HBO and finally grew into a film which tells the last story about Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and her three female friends.

March 2009

Laser Hair Removal For Men - Why Men Are Looking Into Hair R

By nature most men have a lot more body hair then women, and that used to be accepted by society as a symbol of their masculinity. However that has changed and more men are working hard to be well groomed from head to toe.

October 2008

Research Into the Increasing Use of GPS Vehicle Tracking Sys

GPS tracking systems integrate a gps receiver, a mobile phone modem and some firmware that is packaged into what is known as a gps tracking device. This device is then connected via the cellular network to a backend server system.

July 2008

iPnone Integrated into Mercedes-Benz Vehicles

Are you a happy iPhone owner? Then rejoice! One of the most popular world automaker has paid particular attention to your small powerful gadget.

January 2008

US experts urge research into cellphone effects on children

We were pretty much on the money when we speculated that France’s move to warn its citizens about limiting cellphone use among youngsters would prompt other countries to do the same.

Cellphone obsession leads Japanese children into a ’scary world’

While about one-third of Japanese primary school students aged 7-12 years old use cellphones, by the time they get to high school that figure has shot up to 96 percent, according to a government survey released last month.

October 2007

A Look Into Popular Celebrity Homes

We know more and more about our favorite celebrities nowadays. We know what they do (thanks to Internet bloggers all over the world keeping a close tab on the whereabouts of any A, B or C-list celebrity.

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