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May 2009

Ford in 2010 A New Mustang amp; Fusion Hybrid

Ford has continued to put out new cars when the rest of the American automakers are failing. As long as Ford keeps the F-150 and Mustang as part of their lineup. They will continue to survive.

March 2009

Toyota and Ford Celebrate Hybrid Success

Hybrid invasion of the U.S. is going fast and soon every second car on the roads will be “green”. This week was significant for Japanese and American automakers: Toyota has announced that it reached one million mark in sales of gas-electric cars for American customers and Ford has assembled 100,000th hybrid SUV.

October 2008

2010 Toyota Prius Is Leaking the Details

Spy photographers and the journalists who look for the new and unveiled surprises have been successful at finding out about 2010 Toyota Prius. On different websites we can see the images of the new hybrid

June 2008

NYC Hybrid Taxi: Ford Escape Hybrid

The Ford Escape Hybrid taxi is no longer an uncommon site in this haven for the taxicab. The city now has 288 of the alt-fuel vehicles, Ford says.

December 2007

Honda Intends to Become Toyota’s Rival

In Tokyo in his year-end speech Takeo Fukui, Honda President proclaimed his company’s intention to become Toyota’s rival in the segment of hybrid vehicle production. In order to compete with Toyota’s leading role in this segment Honda is intending to invest much more funds in the development of hybrid technologies.

October 2007

Tips for Fuel Economy

There is no matter what you drive: a two-seat hybrid or a three-ton SUV, still you take of fuel economy as it amp;#8217;s one of the most important considerations for all the drivers. There is a great scope of drivers amp;#8217; experience concerning this problem. Having analyzed all available information we managed to work out 11 universal tips which can help you improve your car amp;#8217;s fuel economy and take some of the sting out of high fuel prices. To reach good results in saving fuel you need to use several of these tips together depending on situation.

September 2007

Former Ford Motors Top Exec David Thursfield Occupies seat in Clean Power Technologies Inc.

Former Executive Vice-President of International Operations and Global Purchasing of Ford Motor Company, David Thursfield left the American auto maker to become Executive Board of Directors at Clean Power Technologies Inc. The new company Thursfield will be working for manufactures heat recovery and hybrid power system for vehicle emission reduction.

Volvo hybrid concept: If only lithium were reality

Lithium powered hybrids rock, but they are not yet ready for primetime. Wow! Seriously, could the Frankfort Auto Show become any more focused on green issues, at least in terms of concepts?

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