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October 2008

Save Buying a Hybrid

Several years ago Toyota and Honda were the auto manufacturers who decided to build future cars which could partly use electricity and help to save on gas

July 2008

Fuel-Efficient Cars Are Expensive to Insure

It is interesting to know, not all the fuel-efficient cars will help you save on insurance. The biggest gas savers - Toyota Prius, Honda Accord and Toyota Corolla – are also on government’s top 10 list among the most expensive cars to insure.

May 2008

Video: 2008 Honda Accord Coupe Concept Unveiled

The 2008 Honda Accord Coupe Concept, remember? It is unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. It boast a more powerful and lower-emissions V6 engine.

2007 Honda Civic Type R

Honda today unveiled its 2007 Civic Type R, a high-performance version of the Civic hatchback for the European and Asian markets.

2008 Acura NSX with Advanced Sports Car Concept

Honda has unveiled its Acura Advanced Sports Car Concept, successor to the Acura NSX.

April 2008

Honda GPS Navigation Shows Crime Map

Honda is going to feature crime maps into their in-dash GPS navigation system that will provide a crime rating for each “region” (whatever that is). The system will be deployed in Japan, where the police keep good statistics per district.

March 2008

Tokyo: Honda CR-Z turns hybrids sexy

If we might for a second divert our attention from the Nissan GT-R - and the sight of grown men acting like four-year-olds when Father Christmas has brought the world’s biggest Scalextric - my favourite car at the show may well have been the Honda CR-Z.

2008 Honda Accord EX-L V-6

The all-new 2008 Honda Accord moves the world of mainstream transportation in a refined, dynamic and sophisticated direction with an expanded range of innovative technologies designed for more power, greater efficiency and enhanced safety across the entire lineup of sedans and coupes.

2008 Honda S2000 CR

The S2000 CR is an entirely new trim level for 2008. The lighter, stiffer and more aggressive overall design is engineered to maximize the S2000’s potential on a racetrack with the goal of substantially-improving track times, chassis balance and feel.

February 2008

Mazda Fans Got Tricked

These pictures got much interest from all Mazda fans lately. Although there were sketches, there was not much information about it.Everybody was wondering about the new two-door car from the Japanese that would broad the coupe market and be a good competitor for Nissan Altima and Honda Accord coupes.

December 2007

Honda Intends to Become Toyota’s Rival

In Tokyo in his year-end speech Takeo Fukui, Honda President proclaimed his company’s intention to become Toyota’s rival in the segment of hybrid vehicle production. In order to compete with Toyota’s leading role in this segment Honda is intending to invest much more funds in the development of hybrid technologies.

November 2007

Honda Civic Type R - New Sports Sedan is Coming to the Market

Our expectations are coming true. Honda tuning giant Mugen will be releasing its version of the Honda Civic Type R to its home market in a limited-production run of just 300 cars.

July 2007

Comparison: 2007 Honda Civic vs 2007 Hyundai Elantra vs 2007 Mitsubishi Lancer vs 2007 Nissan Sentra

That big SUV in your garage feels as modern as a Nixon-era Olds 88. Global warming and our everlasting oil dependency are dimming the prospects of GM and Ford following Chrysler into the rear-drive V-8 sedan business. You could drive yourself to work in a Toyota Prius or one of the stealthier hybrids, but even at $3 per, the hybrid won t pay off for years. By then, the interest on your adjustable-rate mortgage could be sky high.

January 2007

Video: 2008 Honda Accord Coupe Concept Unveiled

The 2008 Honda Accord Coupe Concept, remember? It is unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. It boast a more powerful and lower-emissions V6 engine.

2008 Honda Accord Coupe Concept unveiled

Honda official reveals their 2008 Honda Accord Coupe Concept at the Detroit auto show, it’s a totally new look for the next-generation Accord. Here are the pictures of the Honda Accord released.

December 2006

Fifth Gear - Honda Civic Type R vs Renault’s Clio 182

Fifth Gear, Tiff Needell put Honda Civic Type R against Renault’s Clio 182. Guess which is faster? Watch the video

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