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January 2010

Causes of Skin Allergy: Nickel, Rubber and Poison Ivy

An unusual body reaction (such as itching, redness, rash, swelling and hives) to a direct contact of something with the skin in called allergic contact dermatitis.

Acne And Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) Deficiency

Acne Specialist believes there is a correlation between Vitamin B5 deficiency and acne (the most common skin disease), due to modern food processing.

Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo

For those who do not agree with the tricks Mother Nature plays on them by thinning their hair, scientists discover all kinds of solutions. One of the options offered is a hair loss prevention shampoo.

5 Antibiotics For Acne Cure - Reasons To Be Cautious Using T

When puberty begins, young people begin to experience a wide variety of developmental physical, physiological and emotional changes. The obvious physical changes include beard and muscle development in young males, and young females, with the onset of menses, also start to develop breasts and wider hips.

How to Treat Bacterial Infections Safely?

You must be thinking about the safety of the medications, whenever you buy them. Here is how you can treat the bacterial infections safely. You can use the antibiotics to cure the bacterial infections safely. These drugs can be very helpful in the treatment of the bacterial infections.

Antibiotics and Acne - What You Need to Know

For some, suffering from acne becomes such a problem that no cream or ointment seems to be able to cure the problem. A lifetime of struggling with painful and unsightly spots has lead to medical research into medicinal help for acne, and is therefore available to those suffering from long term acne problems.

Make Herbal Skin Care Products at Home

There were times when herbs were the only way to take care of skin. With the development of chemistry and cosmetics people started forgetting about herbs and their power to take care of overall health.

Penicillin Antibiotics Classification

Antibiotics are specific chemical substances derived from or produced by living organisms that are capable of inhibiting the life processes of other organisms.

December 2009

Girls Start Smoking While Dieting

The motives to start smoking are different for various groups of people. Some feel stress and need to cope with it as they used to do in childhood: by sticking something in their mouths, but instead of a pacifier, adults prefer cigarettes.

Stop Drinking Alcohol Today

The first step in recognizing you have a problem with booze is to begin gathering information on how to stop drinking alcohol. First of all, I am happy for you that you are taking the time to seek help for yourself.

How Environmental Factors Can Trigger Asthma

Asthma is a condition that affects millions. There are many factors that contribute too asthma symptoms but environmental factors seem to be the most overlooked.

November 2009

Alternatives to Anxiety Medications

Anxiety cannot be avoided. It is a fact of life. Our society is facing a fast-paced lifestyle and sometimes, not all people are inclined into doing things at a faster rate.

Reasons for Weight Loss

There are so many people wanting to lose weight, but what is their primary reason to do so? Many of young girls who are in good shape already still think they have extra pounds to work on and they get skinnier and skinner.

Self-Help To Stop Smoking - A Determination

Smoking as a habit for many years becomes uncontrollable and makes people addicted. Even before realizing, people graduate to packs of cigarettes everyday and are unable to imagine living without inhaling tobacco.

Is Green Tea For Weight loss Helpful?

Do you need something to help you to achieve the weight loss that you are striving for? If your answer is yes, you should try using green tea for weight loss.

Skin Nutrition A Natural Acne Treatment

Who Gets Acne? More than 90% of all adolescents are affected by acne, and nearly 50% of adults. It is one of the most wide spread medical conditions in the world.

American Diet Causes Hair Loss

American diet does not only ruin health and make people fat, the meals high in fat, animal protein, and salt lead to hair loss. Paul Pitchford in Healing with Whole Foods explains that American diet brings damage to kidneys and changes acidity of blood.

Five Suggestions For Preventing Acid Reflux Before It Takes

Like many diseases, you probably never gave acid reflux a thought until the first time it happened to you. Unfortunately, once it happens, it tends to be an issue throughout the rest of your life.

Facts Behind Hair Loss In Men

Going bald is a fact of life for millions of men. Adults lose about 10,000 scalp hairs each and every day. Hair normally lives for around five years. With male pattern baldness these hairs do not always get replaced and gradually bald areas appear.

Natural Cures for Hair Loss

Depending on the time and place a person lives in, natural remedies are different. For centuries people were trying to figure out what works on hair in the best way bringing it health and preventing hair loss.

How to Overcome Psychological Impotence Or Erectile Dysfunc

There is an equal involvement of your body as well as brain in the process of getting an erection and not all cases of erectile dysfunction or impotence result from physical factors.

10 Tips For Women To Stay Fit and Healthy

Being a man or a woman has a significant impact on health.The health of women and girls is of particular concern because, in many societies till today, they are disadvantaged by discrimination rooted in socio-cultural factors.

Smoking during Pregnancy

If there exist more or less suitable times to quit smoking, there is probably no better time to do so than when people plan to have a baby. A healthy baby is guaranteed to be born to a healthy mother, but it is rare for those who have some kind of bad habits.

September 2009

Smoking for Stress Relief

All people experience stress from time to time and they cope with it differently. For many of them cigarettes are great helpers which are claimed to calm down the nerves and to relax.

Six Foods That Boost Heart Health

The majorities of baby boomers are looking for a way to loose weight and lower their cholesterol. Both of these are two important factors in heart disease, which still remains the number one killer in the United States.

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