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January 2010

Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo

For those who do not agree with the tricks Mother Nature plays on them by thinning their hair, scientists discover all kinds of solutions. One of the options offered is a hair loss prevention shampoo.

November 2009

American Diet Causes Hair Loss

American diet does not only ruin health and make people fat, the meals high in fat, animal protein, and salt lead to hair loss. Paul Pitchford in Healing with Whole Foods explains that American diet brings damage to kidneys and changes acidity of blood.

Facts Behind Hair Loss In Men

Going bald is a fact of life for millions of men. Adults lose about 10,000 scalp hairs each and every day. Hair normally lives for around five years. With male pattern baldness these hairs do not always get replaced and gradually bald areas appear.

Natural Cures for Hair Loss

Depending on the time and place a person lives in, natural remedies are different. For centuries people were trying to figure out what works on hair in the best way bringing it health and preventing hair loss.

September 2009

Hair Loss Solution - 5 Effective Treatments To Consider

Although inescapable, hair loss can be prevented with proper care, solutions and treatment. A lot of treatments, topical or surgical, are out there for you to choose from.

The List of Drugs Which Provoke Hair Loss

Although prescription drugs are usually stronger and help better than over-the-counter medications, many of them have negative side-effects. A person that wants to get rid of pain or cure the disease does not usually pay much attention to the side-effects mentioned on the label till they show up.

August 2009

Hair Loss and Exercises

There have been doubtful talks about hair loss and exercises. Does physical activity increase the loss or does it help hair to stay healthy? In this article we will try to look at different points of view.

July 2009

Why Many Are Finally Giving Up on Hair Loss Products

One of the first things you ll find most people who are losing their hair do is search high and low for that one product that will hopefully change things for the better.

Confused About Your Hair Loss Solution Choices?

If you are new to finding products to help you with your hair loss, you may be finding the information you encounter a bit confusing. It s really not to hard to know what will work for you.

You’ll not be Able to Stop Hair Loss if you Don’t Know

Today almost everybody complains from hair loss. Maybe so do you. But does everyone know all the reasons of women hair loss? In order to be sure and to stop hair loss you should read all the list of main reasons

Learn The Facts About Hair Loss And Hair Loss Remedies

The severity and nature of baldness can vary greatly; it ranges from male and female pattern alopecia, alopecia areata, which involves the loss of some of the hair from the head, and alopecia totalis, which involves the loss of all head hair, to the most extreme form of baldness, alopecia universalis, which involves the loss of all hair from the he

Types of Medication That you Can Use to Prevent or Treat Hai

Even though hair loss isnt a life threatening problem, many people who are suffering the said condition can t help but get excited when a new hair loss medication is released on the market.

Hair Regrowth For Women - How To Know What Works

It s not usually talked about very often but balding in women is a pretty common problem. Although women rarely go completely bald, their hair can get quite thin and lead to frustration and poor self image.

The Many Hats of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a normal part of life for everyone - as long as it stays normal, gradual hair loss. What about those times when we experience abnormal hair loss or more permanent hair loss?

June 2009

Hair Loss Statistics

Hair loss affects many people in the world. Some feel uncomfortable about losing hair, the others understand that it is common and do not try to hide it. Hair loss affects both men and women of all ages.

Most Popular and Cost Saving Treatment for Hair Loss - Vox

Hair loss - at some situation, every man and women will have to face off against it one way or another. Some rather to let it alone, do nothing with it and just go ahead with their lives.

Dht Shampoo For Pre-mature Thinning And Hair Loss

DHT is the leading cause of hair loss in men and a contributor to thinning in women. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is created by the conversion of 5 alpha reductase enzymes from testosterone.

Is Your Hair Loss Product Worth the Monthly Investment?

How much money are you planning on spending this year before you give up on regrowing your hair? I don t mean to sound pessimistic, but the statistics show that most losing hair will continue to lose it.

Various Cases of Hair Loss in Children

Hair loss in children is more common than people think. Three children out of every hundred have alopecia problems; however, if it is diagnosed right, the hair loss can be successfully treated.

May 2009

Male Pattern Baldness Treatment

For centuries men have lost their hair as they aged and no one could do anything about it. They were destined to be bald, and the majority of them accepted hair loss as a normal event that should happen to them sooner or later. In the last few years medicine has made a big step forward to alopecia treatment.

Lose a Few Pounds Visually (Part 2)

When one needs to look thinner in just a few days, diets and exercising will not be good helpers. However, it is possible to look better for that important day. Besides posture and clothes, there are a few other tricks which help look slimmer, such as make-up, hair style, and accessories.

The Most Effective Hair Loss Tips Exposed

Are you looking for the best tips for hair loss? If so, make sure you read this article now to learn how you can stop the disorder for good. By reading this article, you will learn the best and most amazing solutions that you can put into good use today to start getting almost immediate improvement over your current alopecia condition.

Using Vitamins for Healthy Hair

Many people want their hair to grow faster because they are in a hurry to attend some special event. For example, prom or a wedding may be coming up next week, so you want your hair to grow at a much faster rate - at least until it reaches your shoulders.

5 Hair Loss Products For Men and Women Reviewed

Are there no genuine treatments that sufferers can turn to in a bid to treat the ravages of premature hair loss. Don t despare, Female hair loss and male pattern-type baldness can be treated successfully for most people nowadays. The medical term for hair loss is Alopecia.

April 2009

Male Pattern Baldness and Norwood Scale

Male pattern baldness is the most common hair loss diagnosis in men. It is a permanent type of alopecia (hair loss) which is caused by hormones and genetic predisposition.

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