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September 2009

Different Types Of GPS Devices

Over the last couple of years, the subsequent sales of in-car GPS devices have risen to twice as much as they did about two years ago. Motor vehicle Manufacturing companies are now the best target market for GPS devices.

June 2009

Handheld GPS Receiver - Technology in Your Hands

The rapid technological progress in today s world has enhanced our way of living and added convenience to our lives. In the earlier times, you could not think of exploring an unknown area or a foreign land on your own lest you get lost

May 2009

The TomTom 125 3.3 inch GPS Receiver/Review

As with other TomTom 125 3.3 inch GPS Receiver, this one is also ready to use right out of the box. Plug it in and go; everything is preloaded into the receiver. Its ease of use makes TomTom a popular choice for many users.

4 Great Reasons to Buy a GPS

Debating whether or not to buy a GPS? Not sure if you need it, if youll use it or if it will be helpful? Well, if youre on the fence, here are a few great reasons why to buy a GPS.

April 2009

How Does GPS (Global Positioning System) Work?

GPS (Global positioning system) GPS (Global positioning system) is a satellite sourced navigation system developed by the Unites States Department of Defense and is administered by United States Air Force 50th Space Wing.

Other Uses For GPS Besides Navigation

Wondering what that expensive piece of technological equipment is good for besides “turn left here?” How about a lot. There are several variations of GPS (global positioning system) today. Most familiar is the mountable GPS for marine and land navigational use.

March 2009

The Present and Future of GPS Devices

Read out to discover the places GPS is making the most impact today - and the areas that may hold the key to the future of GPS devices for consumers and businesses.

Protecting Your Children With GPS Real Time Tracking

If you have children that have long walk home from school and you cannot be there to pick them up because you work then you might want to consider GPS real time tracking solutions. When you use child locator devices you will appreciate peace of mind knowing exactly where your child is at all times.

Other Uses For GPS Besides Navigation

Wondering what that expensive piece of technological equipment is good for besides quot;turn left here? quot; How about a lot. There are several variations of GPS (global positioning system) today. Most familiar is the mountable GPS for marine and land navigational use. Don t get stuck up these two uses as being the primary use for GPS, they once

January 2009

The Garmin GPS 350 - The Ultimate Personal Travel Assistant!

Not wanting to become a dinosaur in an era where smart phones literally talk to you and lights in a home can be turned on or off with the clap of your hands, I went on a prowl in search of the perfect navigation system for my not so smart SUV.

Portable GPS Device Guide

Getting lost is harder now that drivers can count on portable GPS devices to give them directions to new or unfamiliar destinations. Prices on these global positioning system devices have dropped and are much more affordable to the average driver yet there are more and better features on these newer GPS receivers.

Winter Backcountry Safety Using GPS Tracking Units

Tragic headlines describing the death and injury to back country users during the avalanche season are becoming more common place. Skiers, snowmobilers, hunters and winter campers are finding that this year s heavy snow pack has created a high avalanche risk in places that normally would not experience the threat.

Mobile Phone GPS Tracking - Anonymous Way Of Spying

Cellular phones have become a basic commodity and as such almost everyone have a single unit at hand. Just by having a cellular phone, the compatible software, and a vehicle that has a built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) device, one may have anonymous cellular phone GPS tracking.

Large Screen Garmin Nuvi 5000 GPS Navigator - Top Reasons to

With a 5.2" screen which is considered the largest in the portable GPS category as compared to the 4.3" or the 3.5" models, the Garmin nuvi 5000 GPS navigator is a bit expensive on the pocket with a price tag of $600+.

December 2008

More Reasons to Try GPS Fleet Tracking

In the past, we have published many articles to evaluate all of the different ways that GPS fleet tracking will improve productivity and save money. There are still even more reasons to use GPS tracking to keep up with your fleet of vehicles.

GPS Buyers Guide - What to Look For Before Buying a GPS

When looking for a good GPS, it is easy to get overwhelmed when comparing the many features that are available. First, decide what you will be using the GPS for. If it will just be for use in your car then you would not need some of the features that would appeal to hikers, boaters, or pilots.

November 2008

BMW Garmin Zumo Motorcycle Navigator GPS

You are racing down the highway from Oregon to Washington and end up taking a wrong turn. What do you do? If you BMW Garmin Zumo motorcycle navigator GPS on you then you don’t have to do much because the GPS will take care of almost except driving the bike.

October 2008

Using Your Laptop As a GPS Unit

If you don’t want to invest in a hand-held or vehicle-mounted GPS unit, you do have the much less expensive option of converting your laptop into a GPS unit with special software.

Research Into the Increasing Use of GPS Vehicle Tracking Sys

GPS tracking systems integrate a gps receiver, a mobile phone modem and some firmware that is packaged into what is known as a gps tracking device. This device is then connected via the cellular network to a backend server system.

The Automotive GPS - How to Choose One

In today’s world, no high end automotive is without its GPS to helps us travel from destination A to destination B. We can buy optional GPS systems as part of a new car buy or select models that are installed later. However, whether to buy one straight off or select one later that may be of better quality is a tough choice.

September 2008

Using GPS Tracking System to Get Real-Time Reports on Your D

GPS (Global Positioning System) is now becoming a mainstream device in almost all vehicles. This system is able to execute numerous tasks such as dictate directions and suggestions on how to reach the desired destination quickly.

Types of GPS Fleet Management - Know Before You Buy

GPS fleet management is an umbrella that includes a number of systems under it. Various arenas like e-commerce, message dispatch, vehicle maintenance and repair, job ticketing, vehicle following, map tracking, wireless integration, custom integration etc. come under its purview.

How GPS Tracking Device Protects Your Kids

How many times have you wished that you could be a fly on the wall in the life of your family members? There are probably times in every parent s life when he or she wishes to know where the kids are taking the car - or even walking on foot.

August 2008

How Could a GPS Vehicle Tracking Device Automatically Preven

Using a tracking device on a car used to be a way to find it if it were stolen. But now this is just one small use a tracking device has. There are now many reasons people have for installing tracking devices. They are used by the police, by private investigators, and also by parents, (this has been a fast growing trend).

July 2008

The GPS Auto Tracker - Your Car Security Buddy

Every time you need to make a decision, you have to study all the details involved before you can make an informed decision. If you currently don’t have a GPS system installed in your car, then you’re not a very smart individual.

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