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Minicars Were Checked for Bumper Strength

The American government tries to push minicars to the nation thinking of the advantages of the fuel economy. Maybe the owners will not need as much gasoline, but the people will really have to think if they want the safety features offered by little autos.

2006 Volvo Volvo c70 - Video Review

The Volvo C70 is not the fastest of all vehicles, and its not the most fuel efficient either but it is luxurious. I enjoy rolling down the top and letting the breeze cool my face.


The Lowest Gas Prices in Four Years

It is interesting how the situation might change just in half a year. This spring we were worried about high fuel prices which kept growing unstoppably. As a result people started giving up their gas guzzlers: SUVs, pick-up trucks, RVs and even minivans.

Fuel-Efficiency Package for Ford F-150

Since fuel-efficiency is so important to the customers nowadays, Ford plans to impress them with the new “superior fuel economy” edition of 2009 Ford F-150. This model uses 15 mpg in the city limit and 21 mpg on a highway

Does Your Car Really Need Premium Fuel?

According to Detroit Free Press the national average price for premium gas makes today $4.48 per gallon which is 40 cents more than regular price. Drivers are refusing to buy the fuel.

Fuel Additives: Arguments For And Against

Fuel additives are widely known as products helping you to get more mileage out of your car. But what do we really know about them? Are they really such useful products?

Motorola debuts fuel cell powered phone

Angstrom’s hydrogen fuel cell can be integrated into Motorola phone, promising quicker charge, longer battery life and no emissions

New Diesel Engines Enter U.S.

High gas prices make people think what kind of vehicle they’d better get, what kind of fuel it should have. Many deny diesel at once, because its price is so much higher. Don’t rush and think for a minute. Nowadays diesel vehicles are different than the diesels of the 70s.

HUMMER H3 was Created of Loosing Lottery Tickets

Every driver knows how quickly the prices for duel are rising. That is the reason of increasing popularity of fuel efficient cars. HUMMER is known as one of the most gas-guzzling cars but despite this fact for many people it is a real dream that come true.

Bentley Is Going to Go Green in its Own Way

Being one of the most famous car brands in the world Bentley is also very concerned about going green. However it is too radical for conservative car family to make a switch to diesel or hybrid powertrains. Instead, the company grounds its green future on the combination of lighter-weight body construction with efficient gasoline engines powered by biofuel.


Higher Fuel Efficiency is the Law Now.

At last President Bush has signed the legislation which will absolutely change the vehicles Americans drive in future. The document was firstly adopted by the House by a large margin. According to this bill higher fuel economy standards are set for cars and light trucks.

2008 Hyundai Sonata – Car for Fuel Economy

In respond to high fuel prices Hyundai has introduced more four-cylinder versions of its midsize Sonata sedan. For 2008, all Hyundai Sonata models, not just the base version, are available with an economical four-cylinder engine that rates an EPA-estimated 30 mpg Highway.

Alternative Fuel for Your Car

The cost of petrol and the impact of driving on the environment are two main topics of everyday news. Whilst petrol remains the most commonly used fuel for motor vehicles there is a steady increase in the number of petrol stations which offer alternative fuels and this rise is set to continue, especially in light of concerns about CO2 omissions and global warming. In fact very soon we’ll have to refuel our vehicles.

Auto Industry Will be Powered by Fuel Cells Gearing | Plenty Car

According to news published by quot;Science Daily quot; on October 31, 2007, scientists from the University of Houston have come closer to solving one of the biggest problems of the modern auto industry - a possibility of mass production of affordable cars powered by fuel cells.

Tips for Fuel Economy

There is no matter what you drive: a two-seat hybrid or a three-ton SUV, still you take of fuel economy as it amp;#8217;s one of the most important considerations for all the drivers. There is a great scope of drivers amp;#8217; experience concerning this problem. Having analyzed all available information we managed to work out 11 universal tips which can help you improve your car amp;#8217;s fuel economy and take some of the sting out of high fuel prices. To reach good results in saving fuel you need to use several of these tips together depending on situation.

How to Achieve Healthy Weight by Restoring Hormonal Balance

Food is life. It provides energy and building blocks for the body. All cells require healthy raw materials from the food you eat, and if you put garbage in, the cells starve. In other words, if what you eat is processed and devitalized, if it does not fuel your body, if it deprives you from essential vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins - you will crave more of food, which will eventually translate into more pounds on you.

Diesel Engine - More Efficient Than Gasoline Engine?

Diesel cars seem to enjoy a new wave of popularity in the USA. There are a number of reasons for that, the most important of which are the rising prices of gas. Owners of diesel cars swear that they have more fuel savings and better mileage than owners of gas-powered cars. Are there any technological reasons which make a diesel engine be more efficient over a gasoline one? Let us have a look at the diesel engine, examine how it functions, and compare it with a more conventional gasoline engine.

BMW Hydrogen 7 Launched!

BMW has launched the Hydrogen 7 at a British golf tournament, London. Hydrogen 7 is a car that runs on hydrogen though the petrol alternative. It has a dual-fuel engine that allows you to switch between hydrogen mode and fuel mode with the press of a steering wheel-mounted button.


Japan has increased fuel economy requirements

Although, to be fair, requirements is a stronger word than what I should use. Although there are fines to automakers who fail to meet these rules, the fines themselves are quite small. It's the bad publicity for failing to meet the guidelines that Toyota, Honda, et al are more worried about.

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