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July 2009

Lee Iacocca Silver 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang

Lee Iacocca was one of America’s most famous pitchmen. American auto industry is desperate to find a person like him now to help them from sinking like Mr. Iacocca did in 1980’s when Chrysler was about to file bankruptcy.

May 2009

Ford in 2010 A New Mustang amp; Fusion Hybrid

Ford has continued to put out new cars when the rest of the American automakers are failing. As long as Ford keeps the F-150 and Mustang as part of their lineup. They will continue to survive.

March 2009

Not All Big Pick-Ups Are Safe

Just a few months ago (in July 2008) Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) was testing small pick-up trucks. Toyota Tacoma, Chevrolet Colorado, Dodge Dakota/Mitsubishi Raider, Ford Ranger/Mazda B Series and Nissan Frontier showed negative results.

Toyota and Ford Celebrate Hybrid Success

Hybrid invasion of the U.S. is going fast and soon every second car on the roads will be “green”. This week was significant for Japanese and American automakers: Toyota has announced that it reached one million mark in sales of gas-electric cars for American customers and Ford has assembled 100,000th hybrid SUV.

Tips for Finding the Best Online Source for Ford Parts

Whether you own a Crown Victoria, an F150 truck, or a sporty Mustang, it’s inevitable that you’ll need Ford parts at some point in your vehicle’s life. Maybe you’re a weekend mechanic, or perhaps you simply want to give your new Ford a personal touch.

Asian Automakers Know the Secret of Success

Automakers are going through the worst times since 1963 losing a lot of sales. The Big American Three have reported about unbelievable drops this January comparing to January 2008: Chrysler lost 55 percent, General Motors was down 49% and Ford dropped 39%.

January 2009

Ford Created Eva

At the 2009 International Consumer Electronics show Ford presented its new technology. Eva is an electronic personal assistant or “avatar” which responds to the driver’s voice commands through the conversational speech.

September 2008

Fuel-Efficiency Package for Ford F-150

Since fuel-efficiency is so important to the customers nowadays, Ford plans to impress them with the new “superior fuel economy” edition of 2009 Ford F-150. This model uses 15 mpg in the city limit and 21 mpg on a highway

August 2008

Let the Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Happen in Your House

Jesse James is a famous robber and gang leader. The world is divided into two worlds for him: those who hate him and the people who adore and idolize Jesse. At his 34, Mr. James is dangerous, murderous, but at the same time cautious and depressed.

June 2008

EuroNcap: safety tests on seven new arrivals

EuroNcap has again put to the test some of the latest models of the last few months. Testing was carried out on seven of the cars most suited to families: Audi A4, Skoda Superb, Citroen Berlingo, Ford Kuga, the VW T5 Caravelle and the two smaller ones, the Hyundai i10 and the Seat Ibiza.

2008 Ford F-250/350 Harley-Davidson Edition

While the F-150 Harley-Davidson was coated in purple paint, the future Super Duty Harley-Davidson truck gets a black-and-copper paint scheme all around.

Ford Interceptor Concept Car

American Dream: We drive the Interceptor, the full-size sedan that could save Ford.

2009 Ford Flex

The family oriented Flex is a big vehicle, measuring more than 202 inches long on a 117.9-inch wheelbase.

2009 Ford F-150 Spy Shots!

One of our contacts stumbled upon an essentially undisguised prototype of Ford’s redesigned F-150.

NYC Hybrid Taxi: Ford Escape Hybrid

The Ford Escape Hybrid taxi is no longer an uncommon site in this haven for the taxicab. The city now has 288 of the alt-fuel vehicles, Ford says.

2008 Obsidian SG-One Ford Mustang

What would you build if you had finances without limitations, a love for classic Mustangs and a passion for hot rodding? Forget everything you know and believe about classic Mustangs because were talking about something that’s never existed before

1949 Ford F-8 School Bus 403 Olds School Bus

This massive 8ft. wide bus is lowered 3.5 ft., shortened 7 ft. and sports a 403ci Oldsmoble engine with front wheel drive on a complete Eldorado frame.

2008 Ford Taurus X SEL FWD Reveals Standard Features

Ford never fails to meet the expectations even of the most demanding modern traveler and this brand always offer its excellent services with promptness and concern.

May 2008

GT500KR has been put on eBay for $154,991.00

When Ford set $ 79 995 as a price for the GT500KR may people must have thought that this is too steep for a Mustang. Even under the condition it is a limited edition.

March 2008

Buy Slow Burn movie. Download Slow Burn movie: DivX iPod format

District attorney Ford Cole is running for mayor, promising to capture the city s elusive crime boss, Danny Ludin. On the night of a gas link in the inner city, his interview with a national reporter is interrupted by word that his best prosecutor, Nora Timmer, who s also his lover, has killed a man she claims was assaulting her.

February 2008

Backup Cameras from Ford

Rearview camera system is very important on modern cars as it allows motorists to see what is going on behind the car. These devices are not new. However these technologies are rather expensive and many drivers require them to be standard in new cars.

Ford Sales Still Fails To Meet Goals

Confidence at the Ford Motor Co. has improved slightly in the stir of the automaker’s massive buyout program. But Ford’s retail sales in the United States continue to fall short of internal forecasts, according to the company’s latest monthly report card as distributed to employees last week.

Russia Orders 20,000 New Ford Focuses

In the middle of September 2007 the new Ford Focus was presented in Frankfurt. It impressed the Russian drivers so much, that the company has already received 20,000 orders for this vehicle from them.

2008 Ford Escape XLT AWD

Ford introduced its first Escape in 2001. Since then a million of them was sold and the company is not going to stop on this. Though there are many other SUVs that might compete with the Escape, Ford seems to succeed in finding what would satisfy the bigger number of buyers

December 2007

Fiat 500 is “The European Vehicle for the Year 2008″

Many journalists from all countries took part in the voting and 58 journalists from 22 countries preferred Fiat 500 to other vehicles, including the Mazda 2 and the Ford Mondeo.

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