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May 2009

Lose a Few Pounds Visually (Part 2)

When one needs to look thinner in just a few days, diets and exercising will not be good helpers. However, it is possible to look better for that important day. Besides posture and clothes, there are a few other tricks which help look slimmer, such as make-up, hair style, and accessories.

April 2009

Lose a Few Pounds Visually (Part 1)

No diet promises instant weight loss, but sometimes it is absolutely necessary to look thinner and more attractive. In addition, one should not starve to death in order to lose a few pounds in couple days, because it might cause health problems later.

December 2008

A Few Useful Tips On How To Get Iphone To Work On Other Phon

Today, buying your iPhone makes it also necessary for you to learn how to get iPhone to work on other phone services because there have been numerous advances been made in the technology being used in cell phones including VoIP, and even cameras in your cell phones

August 2008

Enjoy a Few Happy Moments Before The Devil Knows You Are Dead

A thriller where “no one was supposed to get hurt” turned out to be a bloody mess with a dozen of people being killed. People get murdered every few minutes just because of fear or misunderstanding.

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