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Auto Manufacturers Raise Foreign Countries Economy

We are already used to the thought that if a vehicle belongs to a certain manufacturer it doesn’t necessarily mean it was made in the country of its headquarters. All the big automakers have their assembly plants and auto parts facilities in different countries of the world


2008 Hyundai Sonata – Car for Fuel Economy

In respond to high fuel prices Hyundai has introduced more four-cylinder versions of its midsize Sonata sedan. For 2008, all Hyundai Sonata models, not just the base version, are available with an economical four-cylinder engine that rates an EPA-estimated 30 mpg Highway.


Japan has increased fuel economy requirements

Although, to be fair, requirements is a stronger word than what I should use. Although there are fines to automakers who fail to meet these rules, the fines themselves are quite small. It's the bad publicity for failing to meet the guidelines that Toyota, Honda, et al are more worried about.

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