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September 2009

The List of Drugs Which Provoke Hair Loss

Although prescription drugs are usually stronger and help better than over-the-counter medications, many of them have negative side-effects. A person that wants to get rid of pain or cure the disease does not usually pay much attention to the side-effects mentioned on the label till they show up.

June 2009

Can You Cure Your Acne Without Drugs?

Acne affects about 85 percent of the population of America at some time in their life - including some adults -- it is one of the most common skin disease addressed by dermatologists.

February 2008

Drugs, Stress, and Other Common Hair Loss Triggers

The normal hair growth cycle includes several stages: a period of rapid and stable growth lasting up to six years; a three month “resting” period, when the hair stops its growth; and a period when the hair falls out. In the end of the entire cycle, a new hair replaces the old one and the cycle begin again.

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